Section 5 (2010) – By Brian Morton

Serial killer movies are getting to be a staple in the horror genre. In fact, I’d guess that any indie filmmaker, who dismisses the idea of zombies, soon picks up a serial killer. I thought that I’d seen about every permutation of serial killers that was possible, but Randy DeFord at Oak Road Multimedia pulls a completely new twist with his new movie, Section 5, and it makes this a movie well worth your time!

Marlene, a woman who works as a profiler for the state of Nebraska, has inherited her father’s farm. When she gets there to settle the estate, she discovers that her father has rented a section of the property to a man who no one in town knows. She also learns that that a local girl has disappeared, and that she’s just the latest in a line of girls who’ve disappeared. Marlene’s profiler instincts kick in and she begins to investigate the disappearances. But, the trail leads her to somewhere that she never expected to go! What’s out in Section 5, and what dark secret from her father’s past does Marlene discover? Well, you’ll just have to check out Section 5 for yourself to find out.

DeFord has crafted a cool little movie here, the story is strong, the acting is great and, by the time we all figure out what’s going on, the edge of our seat is well worn. The only issue that I had with the movie was that there are a lot of scenes that seem to be there as time filler, Marlene searching for a flashlight, or walking through the house. They’re all there to build suspense, but they really had me wanting to press the fast forward button until Marlene found what she was looking for. Overall, Section 5 is a great movie with an ending that makes me hope that Randy follows the story of Marlene a bit further! I’m giving Section 5 3 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s still worth your time and it’ll have you wondering who lives on the property next to yours! You can find out more about Section 5 by heading over to