Self Inflicted (2013) – By Misty Layne

"Jim’s just a regular guy, except for his masochistic tendencies, who’s looking for Ms. Right. Can he control his destructive urges long enough to find her?" Self Inflicted is depicted as a dark romantic comedy or “a love story with a punch” and clocking in at just under 10 minutes, it does indeed pack quite a punch. The story of a masochist and his quest for love, Self Inflicted is a hilarious look at the quirks of humanity.

Jim has a little quirk wherein he loves pain. He’ll slam his hand in the door, then pour salt over the wound and gets giddy when hot coffee is accidently spilt on him. Unfortunately for Jim, this makes meeting women just a little hard to do, not to mention a little awkward. I mean, what do you say when you’re in bed with someone and they ask you to slap them? Or when you meet a cute guy whilst walking your dog down the street and after a couple of minutes of chatting, the cute guy leans down to pet your dog even though you warn him that the dog is a biter and the guy just grins and says that’s what he’s hoping for? We all have our quirks – it’s just a matter of finding the right quirky person to share them with. Jim finally meets a girl who seems to not notice or mind his addiction to pain. It turns out there’s a reason for that but it’s not exactly what Jim had in mind or what he was looking for at all.

This short is wonderfully done – well shot, terrific makeup when it comes to Jim’s wounds and Levi Anderson is a gem as Jim. The supporting cast also does a wonderful job here as well as director Ross Williams. Major props to writer Kristopher Horton for the story which was absolutely delightful in just the right twisted way.

If you’re a fan of shorts, especially the quirky ones, the good ones, definitely check out Self Inflicted to find out how Jim fares. Visit the Self Inflicted website, “like” them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter!