Sex Galaxy (2008) – By Ryan O

 Sex Galaxy is the directorial debut of Mike Davis, screenwriter for the twisted yet surprisingly well crafted Russ Meyer homage Pervert! (2005). While I was initially disappointed that the saturated colors and naked babes of Pervert! were missing this time around, I was quickly won over by the humor and inventiveness of this sci-fi exploitation spoof.

Comprised almost entirely of 1950s public domain and stock footage re-cut with new dialogue added, Sex Galaxy bears a strong surface resemblance to an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The main difference is that MST3K was essentially three guys making fun of some poor, defenseless B-movies. Davis, producer Jonathan Yudis, and their cohorts at Stag Films are obviously huge fans of psychotronic cinema, and have used this footage to string together a fairly cohesive and humorous storyline.

While on a routine interstellar plumbing mission, three space travelers decide to take a detour into the Sex Galaxy, a region notorious for its wanton and accommodating women. It seems that back on Earth, premarital sex has been outlawed. Newlywed Billy can’t wait to seal the deal with his bride to be, but bitter old codger Grayson warns of a life of boring marital sex that lies ahead. Will Billy cheat on his fiancé with the gorgeous space wench Willa? Will the team be destroyed by the vengeful robot pimp Wron? Will the audience make it past the horrifying sex hygiene film that the filmmakers cruelly spliced into their movie?

Sex Galaxy works as both a parody of the hypocritical moralizing of most 50s exploitation films, and a hilarious party film. Viewing it with a group of friends will surely elicit frequent laughs, and if you watch it alone you can ponder its lofty themes of infidelity, true love, and environmental destruction. Either way, it’s fun to imagine which B-movie subgenre Davis and posse will pay tribute to next. I eagerly await their foray into the Women in Prison genre.

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