Sex Hunter: Wet Target (1972) – By Duane L. Martin

Okamoto is in prison for an unspecified crime, and while he’s in there, his lawyer comes to visit him and informs him that his sister has been raped and murdered by three American servicemen. He goes berzerk, and when he’s finally released from jail, he heads out on a mission of revenge to take out the three guys who caused his sister’s death. The Americans knew about the crime and protected the soldiers, but he won’t be denied his revenge.

His search leads him to get a job as a bartender at a sex club where a girl who was with his sister that night, and was also raped, works. Unfortunately, she was injected with something after the incident that messed up her brain so she couldn’t testify. Now she’s capable of doing her live sex shows for rich clients, but she doesn’t talk, and most of the time she just stares blankly.

Eventually, he meets up with a guy who knows where he can find the three guys who killed his sister, and after some violent persuading, eventually the guy agrees to take him to them. Unfortunately, life has already taken its revenge upon them, as they’ve all three been to war. Two are dead, and the last one is laying in a hospital bed with his legs blown off. In the end, his revenge turns out to be a rather fruitless endeavor, but hey, at least he gets to rape some women of his own along the way. Go figure…

This film was sort of a mixed bag for me. Parts of it worked well, while others just didn’t make much sense. First off, I found it rather hypocritical that Okamoto was out to avenge his raped sister, and yet he was raping women who had nothing to do with any of it really. On the flip side of that, you do feel sorry for him in a way, because he was locked up while this was happening to his sister, and there had to be some element of not only guilt, but anger on his part for not being there for her. So you’re actually pulling for him to track these guys down in one respect, while disliking the fact that he’s raping other innocent women along the way.

Something that doesn’t quite work in the story is the guy who helps him track down the servicemen. Who this guy was and what he actually was in relation to it all was rather confusing, as was his connection to it all and how he even knew where to find the guys in the first place.

The sex in the film was different from what I’ve come to expect from these films. There was less of the twitchy twelve year old stuff, and a whole lot more intensity. The story itself wasn’t all that interesting, and felt like it was jumping around too much at times, but the better than average sex scenes at least made it more tolerable.

While not the best of the Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection, it’s certainly not the worst either. I’d probably put it somewhere in the top third of the films I’ve reviewed so far in the collection, both in terms of the story, and the sex.

For special features, this release contains newly translated Japanese subtitles, the original theatrical trailer and liner notes from Japanese film scholar, Jasper Sharp.

If you’d like to find out more about this film, you can check out its page on the Synapse website here, and if you’d like to pick up a copy for yourself, you can get it from Amazon here.