Sex, Love & Z-Parts (2006) – By Brian Morton

 When someone sets out to put his or her own stamp on a known genre, it’s never an easy task. Especially in this day and age of ‘been there done that’, but you have to admire someone who takes that plunge! Marcus Russell is that kind of person, not only is he the writer/director of Sex, Love & Z-Parts, he’s got his sights set on defining a new genre for Generation X…no small goal!

Sex, Love & Z-Parts is really what you might call a caper movie. Sex, Love & Z-Parts is really a prequel to a feature that should be very interesting, the prequel left me wanting more! Here’s the basic story: Disco and Mitch are in some trouble, they’ve ‘fixed’ a minor league baseball game and it sort of backfired on them. Now, they owe money to some bad guys (called the Pep Boys…get the auto parts reference?!) and the bad guys are after them. As far as movies go, this short is a little confusing and hard to follow, but it does kind of grow on you. The banter between characters, while interesting, seems a bit forced at times, especially in a scene where Disco attempts to get a cab, but overall, I was eager to see where the whole story would wind up. At its core, this isn’t unfamiliar territory, Disco and Mitch are good guys who made a bad choice and now they’re trying to keep themselves from getting killed over it. Sex, Love & Z-Parts is a great prequel, it’s worth checking out, you can do that by heading over to the Sex, Love & Z-Parts website. This movie is a great appetizer for the upcoming feature and I really can’t wait to see where Marcus takes this story. So, until next time, when I’ll reflect on my youth, here’s a preview, no sex, no love and some Gremlin parts, until then remember that the best movies are bad movies.