Shadow’s Monster Survival Guide: Beluah (aka IT) – By Timothy Martinez

Name: Beluah aka IT

Monster Genus: Venusian Fungus Ridiculous

Notable Appearances: It Conquered the World (1956)

Description: IT is a rather odd looking creature. The bulk of the creature’s form is a squat, circular body about three feet in height. The monster does not possess a distinctive head in the same manner as you or I, thus it’s large face is located on one side of this round torso. A large mouth holds numerous sharp teeth – a couple being rather big. Even with the beast’s eyes, and situated just a short ways away on the torso are a pair of very long arms. Each arm appears to be about five to six feet in length and ends in a nasty looking pincer-like claw. Above the eyes IT’s body tapers off into a cone, the top being about eight feet from the ground. The bottom perimeter of the creature’s torso is lined with dozens and dozens of small pedal-like feet. All in all, a very strange creature. It almost resembles a funky ketchup bottle.

Height: IT stands about eight feet in height. Now, while that sounds very impressive and may give you visions of a muscle-bound bruiser, know that the majority of IT’s height is from it’s enormous cone shaped head. Because of the creature’s extremely short and compacted “torso” coupled with the nature of it’s feet, you will have no problem whatsoever in escaping this beast by climbing something. There is just no way in hell that IT will be able to follow you. Yes, it can wait at the bottom of whatever it is you have chosen to climb and throw mean looks your way as well as some of it’s Mind Bats, but rest assured that IT is physically incapable of climbing ANYTHING. Even ascending a staircase will allow you to escape, as IT’s anatomy will not allow for such movements in addition to the fact that IT’s body is just too damn wide to even fit on a single stair. While the monster does have a pair of extremely long arms, it doesn’t appear that the creature can scratch the top of it’s own cone let alone reach up and grab you out of a tree.

Weight: While the bulk of IT’s body is not very tall, it more than makes up for it in the mass department. Easily weighing in at eight hundred pounds or more, IT is definitely above your weight range and into the Marlon Brando classification. This means that fighting the monster by yourself may be a foolhardy and possibly fatal mistake. Because of it’s squat nature, there is no way you are going to be able to knock the beast on it’s side (it doesn’t seem to have an ass…at least not one that it can be knocked upon). In fact, it may prove impossible to even get close because of those long arms it wields. Yes, the creature is slow and you can race around to it’s back end and try to push it over before it can circle and grab you, but unless you regularly bench press several hundred pounds, it will be a futile effort.

Intelligence: 4/5 IT is no dummy by any means, and is every bit as intelligent as you or I…perhaps even more so. Remember, this thing constructed some type of conveyance that safely took it from Venus to Earth orbit, where it commandeered a satellite. IT also seems to have developed an advanced technology that permits it to selectively shut down any power source within a limited range. Not exactly the accomplishments of an interstellar retard. Still, there are concepts beyond it’s comprehension such as love, hate and other emotions. IT claims to have an intellect that dwarfs that of Humans, but there is a good chance that such boasts are just more of it’s propaganda.

Origin: IT is one of the last surviving members of it’s species and heralds from the planet Venus. Eight more remained behind when it came to Earth.

Habitat: Apparently the surface of Venus is not that different from Earth, as IT seems to have adjusted to our atmosphere rather easily, not requiring any visible mechanical devices to aid in it’s respiratory functions. IT is more comfortable in slightly higher temperatures, as it sought shelter in a hot springs cave upon reaching earth but it displayed no hesitation in exiting the cave into the outdoors.

Special Abilities: Because of the severe limitations imposed upon it’s mobility and agility by it’s physical dimensions, IT has next to nothing in the way of physical abilities that allows it to stand out among a crowd of other aliens. It does have a long reach and some nasty pincers that can do some damage, as well sporting a thick skin that offers protection from attacks by opponents, including small arms fire and blade weapons. The most notable ability is something very different – the Mind Bats. IT’s body produces a small creature that resembles a bat (at least it is theorized that the monster produces them, the ugly little things emerge from under it’s wide torso). When these are released, they fly through the air until they find their intended victim. They land on the person’s neck and deliver an electric jolt as well as implanting something. Their mission complete, they fall to the ground dead. Whatever is implanted in the victim allows them to be controlled remotely by IT, thus turning them into an extension of IT’s own mind.

Behavior: IT is a severe control freak. Alas, IT lacks the physical ability to boss others around, so it must resort to more devious methods. IT likes to hide out someplace secluded…say a cave, and from there it dispatches it’s Mind Bats throughout the countryside in an effort to gain control of the local population. Usually IT has an accomplice among the populace, some naïve local that has been duped by IT and it’s promises of aid for mankind. This fool helps it by providing names of key people in power that can be controlled, plus any other vital information IT requires.

Weaknesses: The Mind Bats are a great advantage but IT can only produce eight bats at one time. Once these are deployed, it takes the creature twelve days to produce another set of eight. This interval helps slow the progress IT makes in controlling people and furthering it’s conquest plans. The control devices implanted by the Mind Bats are easily spotted as well. Two small antenna-like protrusions can be spotted on the back of the neck of anyone under IT’s control. While resilient to gunfire, larger weapons will penetrate IT’s protective skin. Bazooka shells have been known to injure it, and enough direct hits should kill it in no time. Amazingly enough for a creature that comes from a warm planet, it is extremely vulnerable to fire. Apply flames directly to it’s eye sockets and it will be dead in seconds. We can only guess that this is due to some interconnectivity amongst it’s internal and external organs.

Relatives: The Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957) and the title creature in Zontar the Thing from Venus (1966), the latter being on an identical mission as IT (cuz it was a cheap TV remake).

What to do if you encounter: Well, after you’ve nearly wet yourself from laughing at IT’s appearance, make sure to keep out of reach of IT’s long arms. Silly as it looks, once it gets those pincers around any part of you, the time left in your life can be measured in seconds. Evading the creature should prove to be quite easy. IT is extremely slow and a brisk walk will easily outpace it. IT’s unusual size and shape will prevent it from following you many places – through doors, up or down a ladder, staircases…hell, almost anywhere. This is a great advantage for you, as coupled with it’s slow movements, you can easily outmaneuver the monster and use your weapons against it. Those weapons should by more than just guns. While enough bullets may bring it down, it will no doubt take some time and while you can easily elude the monster, you must also keep watch for any Mind Bats it may send your way. Your best bet is something big like a bazooka or anything larger. However, if such weapons are beyond your reach, there is always the old standby: fire. Whether you have a flame thrower or just a few matches, try your best to get that fire in it’s eyes, as that has been known to drop the beast very fast and effectively.