Shadow’s Monster Survival Guide: The Monolith Monsters – By Timothy Martinez

Name: Monolith Monsters

Monster Genus: Rockus Humongus

Notable Appearances: The Monolith Monsters (1957)

Height: A Monolith Monster starts out quite small – no bigger than a rock that you can lift with a single hand. However, in time they can grow to be hundreds of feet in height if given access to the proper stimulus. In their case, that stimulus comes from plain, simple water. Upon contact with water a Monolith rock will begin to grow and expand. This growth is primarily in an upwards direction, but they also widen in proportion to their height. Because of this great height there are few places you can go that are taller than them and safe. The taller they are, the more they mass, the more they mass, the wider an area will get pelted when they invariably break apart and collapse. Hedge your bets by seeking refuge in a plane. Even a building taller than them may take damage on it’s lower levels when they fall apart.

Weight: In tandem with their height, the weight of a Monolith Monster can fluctuate, depending on it’s current size. A piece small enough to fit in one’s hand will only weigh a few pounds. Towering skyscrapers of stone that constitute their ultimate form will weigh in at hundreds, if not thousands of tons. Needless to say, you are outclassed in the mass department. When they break up and fall apart, all that weight will come tumbling earthward. Be sure to NOT be under it, or even near it. Hiding only works when you are out of their falling radius.

Intelligence: 0/5 No intelligence at all. They’re rocks after all. Even Paris Hilton has a higher intellect…barely.

Description: Monolith Monsters are jagged silicate rocks, obsidian black in color and looking almost crystalline in appearance. As they grow, their tops gradually become thicker than their bases, resulting in a towering mass that seems ready to tumble over at any instant.

Origin: The Monolith Monsters came to Earth as a meteorite from outer space. Where that chuck of rock originated before that is unknown at this time.

Habitat: Since Monolith Monsters are rocks, they can exist almost everywhere in the known universe. However, the only conditions under which they begin to grow are when they have access to water. Thus, a specimen in the desert is not anywhere near as dangerous as one in a swamp or marshland. Luckily enough, their one weakness makes seventy percent of the Earth’s surface – seawater, a safe place for them to be.

Behavior: Aside from lying around 24/7 like every other rock on the planet, Monolith Monsters do engage in one other activity: growth. When exposed to water, they grow vertically into a veritable tower of rock. They will only stop growing once all the immediately available water is exhausted. However, if there is an adequate supply of water on hand, they will continue to grow until their very weight causes them to break apart and collapse. Then each piece will begin the growing process all over again. As you can see, if allowed to grow unabated, they can easily multiply into staggering numbers.

Special Abilities: Since they are rocks, Monolith Monsters do not have special moves, secret power ups or kung-fu grip. I say again: they are rocks. However, they have one deadly ability that you need to know about: when in growth mode, they remove silica AKA silicon from anything that comes into contact with them. This includes the very soil itself or a living organism like a dog, cattle or…YOU. Without immediate medical assistance you will give new meaning to the term “getting stoned” and will soon resemble the statue at your local park. Monolith Monsters also cause great destruction when they collapse, leveling buildings and flattening anything in their path.

Weaknesses: Monolith Monsters have a single weakness: salt. I know what you are thinking, and while I have a soft spot for chips and pretzels, too…that kind of salty goodness is not what I mean. Instead of a junk food habit, their weakness is the very salt itself. Sodium will halt their growth mode and return them to harmless rocks (and here you thought it was only good for hardening your arteries).

Relatives: The Rock Men from Missile to the Moon (1959)

What to do if you encounter: First off all, if the Monolith Monster is in growth mode, do not touch it! That cannot be stressed enough. If you do happen to come into physical contact with one, then seek medical attention immediately, if not sooner! The only weapon you have at your disposal is salt, so if you have some, throw it for Pete’s sake. However, if salt is not readily available, there really is not much you can do except stay the hell out of their way. When they are not in their growth mode, they are perfectly harmless and can be handled like any other rock.