Shadow’s Monster Survival Guide: The Slime People – By Timothy Martinez

Name: The Slime People

Monster Genus: Homo Slimian

Notable Appearances: The Slime People (1962)

Height: One thing that has been noted about the appearance of
Slime People is the regularity of the physical dimensions of each
member. Every specimen encountered to date has exhibited near identical
size and weight attributes. Some argue this is due to the fact that all
the Slime People seen thus far have been part of a military or warrior
caste and thus have either been selected or bred for such purposes.
Whether these individuals are indicative of their entire species is not
known presently. What we do know is that those members who left their
underground home behind in an attempt to conquer we surface dwellers,
were about six and a half feet in height. This is good news for you
should they ever happen to plan another invasion of the surface world.
Basically, you can use their height against them in the same fashion
you would a Human. Likewise, using it to help evade them is similarly
effective. Hiding in a tree certainly works, but don’t expect them to
just go away. More likely they’ll surround the tree and throw spears
until you resemble a shish kebab, so make sure to hide out of reach and out of sight.

Weight: Once again, all Slime People encountered to date seem to
weigh about the same, with only minuscule variations between members of
the species. Weighing in at about three hundred pounds each, they make
for bulky opponents, especially once one factors their height into the
equation. While lending them a slight advantage in hand-to-hand combat, this does not mean they are ready to enlist as professional wrestlers just yet. What this does
mean is that while they are hefty, you still have a good chance at
prevailing in a physical confrontation. Indeed, Slime People do not
seem well versed in melee combat styles. Thus, the more you know in the
way of martial arts or any other fighting techniques, the better off
you will be in a fight.

4/5 This actually a tricky attribute to calculate. On the one hand,
Slime People have the technological skill to construct a device capable
of creating a dome of fog over a targeted area, and then gradually
solidifying that fog into a single mass. This is an accomplishment
beyond what Humans have achieved, yet it is tempered by the simple fact
that the fog wall itself is so easily affected by commonplace chemicals
and the machine generating the wall can be destroyed with a single
impact from a spear. Those details alone would seem to indicate a
severe lack of planning and/or long term thinking, but added to that is
the fact that despite having constructed such a device, the Slime
People arm their soldiers with primitive spears. Indeed, it makes one
wonder if those Slime People seen to date were not just a soldier caste
trained for simplified tasks and that there exists a more intellectual
segment to their society.

Description: Take a man, a turtle and an alligator and you end
up with a Slime Person. Bipedal and humanoid, they are covered with
thick green scales. Their feet are large, with pronounced toes with
slight webbing between each one. Their most notable feature is a thick
carapace-like shell that covers all of their back, extending from their
waist and rising to a point over their heads, encasing the rear
portions of their skulls in it’s protective shell. Their faces are
similar to that of a Human’s, albeit with a reptilian slant to it but
without a distinctive nose. Portions of their body are covered with
long stringy hair. Their voices tend to be very deep and sound as if
they were speaking and gargling at the same time.

Origin: At this time, there exists not one shred of evidence
that points to the origin of the Slime People. They may have evolved
beneath us or developed on the surface and migrated underground at some
point in the distant past, we just don’t know. One theory even suggests
an extra-terrestrial origin.

Habitat: We know that the Slime People come from an underground
civilization, but surprisingly enough, they are accustomed to
temperatures much cooler than one would expect from such an
environment. Normally, we surface dwellers think that the deeper one
travels into the Earth’s crust, the warmer things will get. However,
the Slime People’s need for cooler temperatures makes us re-evaluate
that thinking. It was this need to lower the ambient temperature that
lay behind their fog dome. Once the dome has solidified, the
temperature within would slowly lower and allow them permanent access
to the surface. As it was, before the dome was put into place, they
could only emerge at night. What this means for you, should you
encounter them, is remember that anything that produces heat will be
uncomfortable or fatal for them. Take shelter in a warm place and use
weapons that help raise their body temperatures – a flamethrower would
be ideal, but Molotov cocktails are good in a pinch.

Having only interacted with their invasion forces, and not having the
opportunity to examine their culture in general, the only behavioral
attribute we can assign to the Slime People is aggression. In Every
single instance of Slime People and Human interaction, the former were
instantly and perpetually violent toward the latter. They never at one
time attempted to open a dialog or communicate in any fashion. Keep
this in mind at all times should you spot some Slime People. Stay
hidden because once they have seen you, they will attack and pursue you
until you are dead or you have escaped.

Special Abilities: Slime People do not possess greater strength,
stamina, agility or dexterity. If anything, Humans outclass them in all
those categories. They do not seem to possess any sense of tactical
thinking, either – preferring to launch themselves into combat without
much of a battle plan. Yet, they do possess one inherent special
ability as part of their biological make up: their bodies seal and
close any wound almost instantly. This means that a gunshot wound or a
stabbing wound will not slow them down for very long. To take advantage
of this ability, stab them with something hollow and open ended, and
then leave the weapon in the wound. This will prevent the flesh from
closing the laceration and will cause precious internal fluids to
escape through the weapon’s hollow center.

Weaknesses: In addition to the general weakness common to both
Humans and Slime People, the latter have two distinctive weakness. The
first is their aversion to warmer temperatures and the second is the
method mentioned above in which their healing ability can be overcome.

Relatives: Morlocks from The Time Machine (1960) and Mole Men from The Mole People (1956).

What to do if you encounter: So often the best advice in this
category is to run like hell. However, in regards to the Slime People,
that is not your only option. Surely it is the best course of action to
take in order to preserve your life, but depending on your own combat
skills and/or the number of Slime People you may encounter; another
viable option is to stand your ground and fight. If you do choose to
flee and hide, remember that any place that you can access, they can
reach as well…so it is best to choose a sanctuary that is well
fortified and easily defendable. Choosing to fight brings another set
of concerns. In a one on one situation, you have a darn good chance at
winning as their fighting techniques are rather sloppy. Hell, even if
it is you against two or three, you stand a good chance as the Slime
People do not seem to grasp the concept of coordinated attacks. This
lack of advanced sparring methods also means that you can easily
prevail against multiple opponents given the right circumstances. Just
don’t get overconfident. While you’re bitch slapping one Slime Person,
another could easily sneak up behind you and use it’s spear to probe
your private regions. That spear is their standard hand weapon – not
exactly the most lethal tool in melee combat. Remember to close the
distance between you and any opponents so they will not have the chance
to throw it at you. Up close, you stand a much better chance of
winning. Their healing ability makes it more difficult to kill them,
but not impossible. Rake them with enough bullets and rapid healing or
not, lots of lead in their bodies will drop them quite fast. Explosive
weapons are best, as anything reduced to multiple pieces will not be
getting back up too soon, if at all.