Shadow’s Monster Survival Guide: The Ymir – By Timothy Martinez

Name: Ymir

Monster Genus: Venusian Reptilius Growrealbiggus

Notable Appearances: 20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)

Height: Here we are dealing with a fluctuating variable, as a Ymir is constantly growing. Indeed, the creature’s growth on Earth is much more rapid than it’s natural life cycle on Venus and a Ymir can easily advance from a foot in height to forty times that in about a week. Your methods for surviving an encounter with a Ymir are really dependent on what size the creature happens to be. When it is smaller than you…all you have to do is pick it up and toss it in a cage. When it gets close to man-sized, then you might want to exercise caution. Ymirs seem to be good leapers, so seeking refuge high up might not always work – one can easily climb or jump it’s way after you. Naturally, when the Ymir in question is bigger than you, you do not want to pursue an escape route that leads up…especially when the creature is big enough to pluck you off the roof of a building. Quite the opposite – you should look for some place where the big beast can no longer fit into or where it may not even see you.

Weight: Because a Ymir is always growing, it is always getting heavier as well. In a single week it can go from weighing in at a few pounds to massing several dozen tons. Talk about packing on the pounds! Even Marlon Brando or Ted Kennedy didn’t balloon up that fast. Again, your approach to dealing with the critter depends on it’s current weight. A small Ymir is easily bossed around. Hell, if they are small enough you can pick them up like an action figure. When they get to be closer to human size, then it is time to worry. Ymir’s are very strong for their size and can easily break the bars of metal cage when they are no bigger than a small child. Trying to take one on in a head-to-head match might not be the wisest thing to do. The bigger they get, the harder it is going to be for you to survive a fight let alone prevail. The best course of action to take is to avoid the creature if it is any bigger than a small dog and call the authorities.

Intelligence: 2/5 Ymirs are not as evolved as you or I, but they do exhibit more intelligence than your average Earth animal, but not much.

Description: A Ymir is a bipedal reptilian creature with a long tail. Each hand and foot features three digits and the head has a fin-like formation of scales atop the crown. This formation continues intermittently down the creature’s back and tail. The Ymir’s face has a puffy appearance to it, due to the formation of it’s cheeks and the manner in which they seem to droop down the face. The body appears to be covered in a thick scaly hide.

Origin: The Ymir is native to Venus, the second planet from the sun in our Solar System.

Habitat: To date there is only one living man who has set foot on Venus. His reports and those of his deceased colleagues are no doubt classified, as we know next to nothing about the environment there. The only thing we have to go on are a few statements Colonel Calder made to the press while the Ymir was in captivity as well as a couple brief things said when trying to capture the best. The end result is…we really don’t know very much about Venus except that the atmosphere is different from our own. It was Earth’s Nitrogen and Oxygen-rich atmosphere that caused the Ymir to grow so rapidly and to such large dimensions. We can surmise that on Venus, Nitrogen and Oxygen make for a much smaller percentage of the breathable air. How this will aid you in avoiding the beast is not exactly known, but the knowledge can’t hurt now, can it?

Behavior: Everything we have observed about the Ymir points to a naturally calm and peaceful animal. When left to it’s own purposes it does it’s best to leave others alone and lead a trouble-free life. However, when attacked or threatened, the Ymir will strike back at it’s perceived foe. These reprisals can be quite vicious, depending on the severity of the instigating attack. Even then, the beast will usually opt to avoid further conflict and flee the scene.

Special Abilities: Does screaming and wailing count as special abilities? No? Then the Ymir doesn’t really possess much aside from what it can accomplish due to it’s current size. When young and small, it can easily hide under furniture and generally make looking for it into a game of hide-and-seek. When it gets bigger, it develops the body strength in proportion to it’s size. This means it can easily lift you, a car or an entire freakin’ building, depending on how big it is. When briefly examined by scientists on Earth, it was determined that a Ymir’s olfactory system is more highly developed than anything on Earth, so be sure to avoid angering it by not bathing! The creature does have one additional feature that is a result of it’s Venusian biology: the creature has no heart or lungs. Rather it has a network of small tubes that run throughout it’s body and which supply blood and oxygen. With de-centralized systems like this, it makes inflicting damage on the creature that much more difficult. Gunshots and stabbing wounds will not affect the Ymir the same way it would one of us. The Ymir will easily shrug off these attacks and proceed to lash out in retaliation – which could be anything from a severe bitch slapping to stomping somebody like a bug. In addition, the single Ymir brought back to Earth to date did display an unnatural ability to hide, despite it’s enormous size.

Weaknesses: A Ymir has two distinctive weaknesses that you can exploit. The first is the creature’s diet. A Ymir favors sulfur as it’s favorite dish. This works in your benefit when trying to lure the beast somewhere. It is also detrimental to the Ymir when sulfur cannot be found. In addition to that, a Ymir is very susceptible to electrical charges – more so that you or I apparently. An electrified net was how the first Ymir was re-captured in Sicily and a steady current administered to it’s unconscious form was what kept it sedated. Naturally, the strength of the electric charge necessary to incapacitate the beast will depend on it’s current mass.

Relatives: “Beluah” from It Conquered the World (1956) and the title creature in Zontar the Thing from Venus (1966).

What to do if you encounter: This really depends on two factors: the size of the Ymir and it’s current disposition. When dealing with a Ymir that is significantly smaller than you, there should be no trouble in asserting your dominance, despite the creature’s mood. When it gets bigger…that is when you need to gauge it’s emotional state. Naturally, the best thing to do when confronted with a severely pissed-off Ymir is to exercise the run-like-hell option or hiding somewhere it cannot reach you. However, when a calm Ymir is presented to you, it would be best to quietly and peacefully walk away from it. Panicking will only get it excited and increase the chances of it becoming violent. If you happen to be in a position where you must fight the creature, again the size of the Ymir plays a vital role. A smaller creature, say under ten feet in height, can easily be thwarted with fire, electricity or LOTS of gunfire (see it’s special abilities to learn why you must have some serious ammo on hand). Any Ymir larger than that will require some serious ordnance. The creature can be brought down with enough hits, it is just that it does require A LOT of hits to do this and in the mean time it may very well perform the squish treatment on you if you are too close. Your best bet is call the army and then get the hell out of dodge.