Shark Babes (2016) – Jim Morazzini


You have to hand it to Shark Babes writers Jamie Grefe and David Zani, they certainly came up with a unique plot idea for this softcore outing. Researchers studying sharks discover they make a sounds that acts as an irresistible aphrodisiac to women. Since most of this research team are large breasted women this leads to quite a bit of extracurricular activity. Granted the plot really isn’t a big factor in a film like this, but it is nice to see them put a bit of effort into it.

When it comes to a film like this what matters to the viewer are the sex scenes and the looks of the folks in them. The cast is certainly easy on the eyes although this time composed of almost all women from the XXX industry unlike Zani’s other collaboration with director Jim Wynorski, Scared Topless. There’s Aubrey Addams, Bridgette B. , Christie Stevens and Allie James along with B movie regular Cindy Lucas. They should keep fans of the genre happy and willing to stay up when it runs on late night cable.

For his part Wynorski makes everything look good, even if the estate they filmed on in no way looks like a research facility and gets nice energetic performances from the cast. It doesn’t hurt that the script had some effort put into it and the film is actually watchable without using fast forward, something you can’t say about a lot of these films.

Fans of this kind of late night cable fare will love Shark Babes and most of those who don’t like it won’t be swayed. But for those who want a bit more of an actual film around the sex scenes, this might be worth checking out.