Shark Lake (2015) – Jim Morazzini


Disclaimer: I may be biased about this film, a friend of a friend’s foot appears in it.

Why do I let my hopes get built up by these films only to have them destroyed when I finally see them?  Why do I keep believing the hype and the possibilities they offer only to end up with the same dull, lifeless soul sucking wastes of time?

Take Shark Lake for example, Dolph Lundgren versus a shark, two killing machines dueling to the death in the treacherous waters of Lake Tahoe. How can you miss with a premise like this? Ok, you can set it in Lake Tahoe for starters.

The basic plot is actually reasonably cool. An exotic animal smuggler, (Dolph), ditches a bull shark meant for a crime lord’s private collection into the lake trying to evade the cops. It doesn’t work and he gets 5 years in jail. The shark grows up, (Bull Sharks actually can live in fresh water), and starts eating people. Dolph’s daughter ends up in foster care with a local female cop. And the mobster still wants his shark. The cop teams up with a biologist who happens to be vacationing there to end the killings…

It could have been an enjoyable reworking of Jaws but it just flounders, introducing characters just in time to make them shark bait so we don’t give a damn about them and having the script take several stupid twists. Most have to do with Dolph’s character. He’s introduced as a total scumbag and jail hasn’t helped any. He’s not overly concerned about the fact the killings are his fault and only gets involved after being threatened by his unhappy client.  I thought was going to be another of his recent villain roles, but suddenly the film does a huge twist to make him the hero. It’s even less convincing than the film’s CGI shark and gore. It doesn’t help any that he basically sleepwalks through the film, as though he was paid a lower rate to show up, but not have to actually act.

Another sad, soggy misfire on all levels. Get a copy of Great White or Devilfish and pass on this one.

Shark Lake