Sharktopus (2010) – By Brian Morton

I know it’s pretty easy to dismiss those SyFy Channel monster movies of the week as ‘cheezy’ or ‘bad’, but, when you actually sit down and watch one, you’ll discover that they’re really just good old fashioned fun! Well, that’s what I discovered when I sat down to catch Sharktopus, not only were my eyes opened, but I was actually anxious to see more of these fun movies.

The plot here is pretty rote; a scientist has combined a shark with an octopus for the military. The idea is to make a ‘killing machine’ that can be stealthy underwater to combat pirates. Makes total sense so far, right? Well, when the ‘sharktopus’ breaks free of its restraints, it’s sure to head to a posh beach resort to start feeding on whoever happens to be in the water! And now, it’s up to the scientist to get his creature under control, but, once his team discovers that he intends to use the ‘sharktopus’ for evil-ness, they seem hell bent on destroying the monster instead of capturing it! Sound familiar? Well, it should, it’s the plot of about a thousand sci-fi movies ever made.

The difference here is that this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, its obvious right from the beginning that this movie has its tongue firmly in its cheek, as I’m sure the other movies from this ‘category’ do. Having never seen one of these ‘made for SyFy’ movies before, I have to admit I was more than pleasantly surprised. Sharktopus is just plain fun, the acting is over the top, the special effects are good…but clearly not meant to look real, and the story isn’t going to give your brain a workout. It’s just what it seems to be, a fun movie to sit down on a Saturday and just enjoy…what movies used to be when I was a kid.

I’m giving Sharktopus 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s not going to win any awards, but it doesn’t care, the Sharktopus would probably eat any award presenters anyway! You can grab a copy of this fishy fun for yourself over at!