She-Demons of the Black Sun (2006) – By Jordan Garren

 Wow…. just… wow. After watching SV Bell’s latest film, She-Demons of the Black Sun I have to say that the world of exploitation films and the rape & revenge subgenre will never be the same. I have seen things in this film that almost defy a PG-rated explanation, but I’ll do my best. She-Demons is the twisted tale of an innocent girl named Isabelle that gets drugged and deflowered by four horny macho-men. Unluckily for these guys, Isabelle has some experience in the dark arts and swears allegiance to Satan in return for revenge. After calling up (a busty female version of) Old Scratch, Isabelle is granted with four sexy demons to do her bidding. It’s here that things get pretty crazy and the movie gets really fun! (Truthfully, the first half hour was pretty dull, especially when there weren’t any breasts on the screen.)

Each demon systematically seduces and captures each of Isabelle’s rapists and then brings them to what I like to call the "dark dungeon of despair" (i.e. a colorfully lit basement set). The first rapist gets off fairly easy considering what happens to the rest as he (Dominic) is bludgeoned with a small sledgehammer by Isabelle, then eaten alive by the demons. The second fellow (Ronald)…. uh… well… has his manhood cut off with a butcher knife. Afterwards, Isabelle takes the freshly removed "johnson" and ass-rapes the guy with it before the demons have at him. (Yes you read that correctly, she cut off his schlong and stuffed it in his arse! OUCH!) The third fellow (didn’t quite catch his name) gets a few whacks with a hammer and then is attacked by a demon snake. (Phallic symbol anyone?) At this point, I wasn’t sure how SV Bell and friends could top what I had just witnessed; in fact it seemed impossible.

I was still reeling from "Ronald the rapist’s" death when I was suddenly assaulted with a pretty f*cked up torture scene. The final rapist (Big Dan) gets the worst of it without a doubt! Dan is pinned to a wall by a demon and then cursed with a giant, bleeding vagina running vertically down his chest! (Just let that sink in for a minute.) Isabelle strolls up with her left arm aglow and suddenly it morphs into…. an enormous penis! (Again, let that sink in for a bit… then move on.) As if I need to tell you what happens here, Isabelle rams the mighty demon rod home and chest-rapes Big Dan for quite a while. With her revenge ended, Isabelle discovers that she should’ve read the fine print when she made a deal with the devil, and now she must collect souls for the rest of her natural life. There is an additional twist at the end that temporarily confused me (I understand if fully now in case you were wondering), but I’ll let you watch and figure out for yourself if (or when) you watch this flick.

She-Demons of the Black Sun is an exploitation film, plain and simple that successfully mixes the rape & revenge film genre with supernatural horror. The main attractions here are the beautiful girls, their beautiful breasts, and the over-the-top gore & violence, which this film delivers by the truckload. While it did take some effort for me to sit through the first third of this movie (thank god for all that female nudity), She-Demons had my complete attention mere moments after poor Isabelle gets raped and begins her hellish revenge. The death of each rapist is just plain insane and I couldn’t take my eyes away from the penile-carnage that played out before me. (The horror! The HORROR!) So, if films like I Spit on Your Grave, Last House on the Left, and Evil Dead are your cup of tea, then you’ll more than likely enjoy She-Demons of the Black Sun. (Finally, something good comes out of Canada!)

She-Demons is currently available for purchase on DVD over at its official homepage at and you can choose from two different DVD covers (the comic one is definitely my fave)! The screener I received was a pretty bare bones affair and the only extra features are trailers for She-Demons of the Black Sun as well trailers for SV Bell’s Purple Glow and The Night they Returned. However, the fully completed DVD contains much more including three making of featurettes that chronicle the filming of She-Demons.