She Was Asking For It (2007) – By Joshua Samford

 Writing a review for She Was Asking For It is proving to be an experience, since how does one write a movie review for something that is so very different than what we consider a movie to be? She Was Asking For It reminds me of David Lynch’s first "film", an experiment in animation projected onto a sculpture looped eternally. Mr. Saliba takes his film style in another, equally unconventional, direction as well. She Was Asking For It is a twelve minute short told through still photographs set to various types of music. The story it tells focuses on a young man seduced by a beautiful young woman and brought back to her apartment, only to be smashed over the head upon arrival by another female, the two then use him for their own S&M related torture. Beating, abusing and raping him in the progress. After the man survives the attack, he sets out for revenge upon the two females. The film is oddball and yet very engaging. Saliba, who plays the man, is very expressive throughout and is at times comical, horrifying and downright disturbing in his performance due mainly to this fact. The sight of his face during the pink strapon scenes is something that haunts me even now! Then during the revenge segments, his character almost seems like a superhero despite it all. A very interesting portrayal, in a very interesting film.

Although the format isn’t the most conventional, it is certainly expressive and does work. It doesn’t hurt that the lighting and photography is absolutely BEAUTIFUL in delivery. When you are this talented with photography, it’s no wonder you would want your film to be made up of it. From the set decoration, to the wonderful mix of colors and tones – SWAFI is absolutely lush in presence. So, does it live up to the hype of being a "A Sado-Erotic Giallo" Well, it’s certainly a first for me, that’s all I know! Bondage really isn’t my bag, but SWAFI creates a story around it and has now marked me for life; and I can’t help but be impressed by that. I definitely recommend everyone check it out, but be warned, there is some disturbing sexual imagery. I always find it best for the audience to be prepared, and for this type of film, it can catch you off guard. Although there’s no nudity; SWAFI will disturb you – unless you’re into that sort of thing… and in which case, tisk tisk! Shame on you! Definitely check it out folks, you can visit Saliba’s myspace page at where he has some of his work on display.