Shock O Rama (2006) – By Brian Morton

 It seems that everyone has been inspired by the old EC horror comic books. These comics that are now legendary in the horror community can never really be matched, but once in a while a filmmaker tries and actually comes close. That’s the case with Shock O Rama!

Shock O Rama is a b anthology movie that actually matches if not betters movies like Creepshow. The stories here are simple horror, the first ‘Mecharachnia’ features Rob Monkiewicz and Caitlin Ross battling miniature space aliens who take over a junkyard. The second, ‘Lonely Are The Brain’ features AJ Khan and Julian Wells battling an evil giant brain who’s using women in an asylum for it’s own evil ends.

But the real gem here is ‘Zombie That’ featuring Misty Mundae as a spoiled actress who stars in low budget horror movies who winds up battling a real zombie after storming out on her studio. This really feels like Misty being typecast, although I’m sure she’s not the screaming shrew that she portrays very well! I don’t believe it, but let’s just say, I’d like to stay on Misty’s good side!

Shock O Rama is what low budget movies are supposed to be, entertaining, scary and funny all at the same time. Brett Piper may be the best B movie director working today! If you’d like to see for yourself, why not go over to Shock O Rama’s web site and see for yourself. And they’ve just added their own video on demand site that merits a mention here, it’s at Shock O Rama VOD and you can see other great b movies from Shock O Rama and other companies. It’s worth your time. So, until next time when I’ll reveal that I’m really not low budget, I’m just cheap! Remember that the best movies are bad movies.