Shut Up Anthony (2017) – By Misty Layne


Anthony is having a REALLY bad few days. He has a fight with his girlfriend over his lack of willingness to try adventures, so she decides they need space. Tbh, he’s not totally sure whether she means “space” or “I’m breaking up with you” and she’s not currently talking to him. Then the next day, he loses his job at the ad agency he works for (I mean, he’s a creative, it’s not like he LIKED the job anyway, but still…). What’s a guy to do? If you’re Anthony, you finally decide to go to your parents’ vacation home that you haven’t been to since you were a child without telling anyone you’re going there or putting it on the calendar (oh yes, because it’s a timeshare kind of thing with friends of his parents, except they haven’t actually been friends in, like, 15+ years or something, they just still kinda share the house, except Anthony’s parents stopped going there, so basically Anthony’s kinda heisting his own vacation home here). Once at the house though, Anthony (of course) runs into yet another problem – Tim, an estranged family friend (aka the kid of his parents’ “friends”) is already at the house having his own, off-the-calendar stay. What now? In the case of Anthony and Tim, what now ends up being: a days long battle over whether to use coasters, theological discussions (Tim is a theology professor), awkward reconnection (because at one point they were close), angry outbursts, destruction of personal property, the eating of magic mushrooms, the (almost) cheating on a spouse, and a some working out of a few problems. Ya know, just the norm!

SHUT UP ANTHONY is absolutely a “talky” film, so whether you’re a fan of those will be the biggest factor in your decision to watch or not watch this. I’m a big fan of the “talkies” and I really enjoyed this one. It started out a little slow, and I admit I was concerned I was going to be bored, but once Anthony made it to the house, things picked up and just kept going and any thoughts of potential boredom flew out the window. I also have to admit that I don’t like Anthony. Not even one little bit. He’s self-centered and whiny; blames others for his problems and is just annoying AF. I’m assuming that I’m not supposed to like him though (or maybe I wasn’t supposed to like him at first, but was supposed to like him by the end? haha, yeah, that didn’t happen), and thankfully, liking him or disliking him has no effect on my overall feelings about the film. Tim, I liked MUCH better. He’s got his own doucheboy issues but he’s nowhere near as bad as Anthony. Oh, and Anthony really does talk as much as the title suggests, lol.

Robert A. D’Esposito (Anthony) and Jon Titterington (Tim) were both great. Robert, especially, ended up going through a wide range of emotion as “Anthony” near the end that was surprising and a wonderful performance. Wherever this was filmed was beautiful too – the scenery was fantastic and it inspired the cinematography. Loved it.

SHUT UP ANTHONY is a delightful little indie full of human quirks and fallacies – it’s honest – and I love honesty.

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