Sinful (2006) – By Brian Morton

 There’s nothing that gets a more visceral reaction than an attack on a child or a pregnant woman, film makers have known this for years. In the new Shock-O-Rama release, Sinful, that reaction is used to full effect!

Sinful is the latest release from ei Independent Cinema, it stars Misty Mundae as Lillith, a woman who is deeply disturbed. Lillith wants a child desperately but she’s unable to conceive and it has slowly driven her mad. When Lillith runs into another woman in her gynocologists office, she fixates on her and her child, a fixation that quickly turns psychotic and dangerous. In the end, Lillith does something to get a child that will stand your hair on end, it’s a story that echoes the worst headlines you’ve ever read. And, in the end, there’s a twist ending that will make you wonder what actually went on here!

While Sinful is a well crafted movie, and it looks beautiful, it seems to be lacking something. The only character that seems to be real is Lillith, the rest are mere characatures of real people, and while Misty Mundae is a very talented actress, it’s all left to her to pull this movie together, a challenge that she seems to be trying desperately to acheive but with little help from the rest of the cast. If you’re a Misty Mundae fan, you’re going to love this movie, Misty shows, once again, why she is making the move into bigger budget, better movies, but if you’re not a hardcore Misty fan, then Sinful might not be for you. It’s unevened pacing and slow story keep it from living up to it’s own potential. If you’d like to check Sinful out for yourself, then you can go over to Shock O and, until next time, when we’ll talk all the Misty Mundae fanboys off of the ledge together, remember that the best movies are bad movies.