Single – A Documentary Film (2008) – By Josh Samford

 There was a time in my life where I never thought I would be single again… and with that first sentence I have doomed you the reader to be at the mercy of my self-pity for the remainder of this review. So yeah, coming out of a three year relationship with a woman who I had intense feelings for – I’m just the candidate for a film on relationship related issues right! Well I don’t know, but I’ll sure give it my best shot. Single is an interesting documentary that covers pretty much all aspects of the "culture" single people in America share. Mixing views between base statistics, the scholarly approach of affluent teachers and professors and regular single people found in bars. The scholars, even though I respect where they are coming from – but when you hear them talk about people living alone for the rest of their lives as if its just a great choice that anyone might want to take part in; it makes me feel like maybe someone isn’t facing the reality of such situations. Believe me, I love being able to go and watch some sleazy Jess Franco sexploitation flick without having to explain it to the ol’ lady. However, if I’m fifty and I’m still digging up awesome Italian gore films and trash, instead of having a couple of kids or someone to spend my twilight years… I can hardly think of a more bleak future, and I know many of my fellow geeks probably feel the same way. Unfortunately, as an interview in the film points out – when you work as much as a person like me, you don’t really have any ability to meet anyone. Also, when you have the "game" of a sixth grader, like me, your ability to impress the opposite sex is pretty much non-existant. However, Single gives you some hope. To know there are others out there suffering through the same type of situation as I am, at least there are others and maybe one day I’ll run into one who happens to be a female.

Single isn’t a film that offers the audience answers, so you can’t go into it expecting that. However, it is a film that expresses a lot of topical issues about being single and those who are single, that you may not know. Simply opening the door for discussion and inner thought is always a positive thing and Single certainly does that. Although I felt it didn’t speak one hundred percent to my experience in particular, but it wouldn’t be your most positive and uplifting of films if they outright told the audience to just hate the opposite sex now would they? It’s just not healthy, but boy oh boy does it make you feel better about yourself! Okay, I kid, kinda, but Single doesn’t work in such a pathetic way as I. It’s actually a very detailed film about the aspect of being a single American in contemporary society, and no, you are not alone. It is also covers a lot of things that have lead to our modern situation where single men and women are making a larger move into the home ownership market as well as the sexual revolution and womens liberation movement which have so drastically made an impact on all single women.

Overall I found it to be a very well made documentary covering a topic that hits pretty close to home and although it didn’t fill me with hopeful positivty, it did show me a lot of new light that hadn’t dawned on me. I personally hope it doesn’t take so long as it does with some people, but as the film points out it seems most people aren’t finding their "one" until late in their lives anyway. I definitely recommend the film to others as overall it is a very well made film. The editing was sharp and although some of the independent funky soul music aren’t exactly my tastes – the music was well used and didn’t hinder the film in any way. If you’re sitting around wondering what is wrong with you for not catching your "other", and looking for an open frank discussion – you can’t go wrong with Single. You can read more about the film and order it from their official website at