Sinners (2010) – By Brian Morton

Slasher films seem to be a dime a dozen…in indie films, they’re nearly as plentiful as zombie movies! But, when one is done with a different style, or a variation on the theme, then I usually enjoy a good slasher movie. Well, I just discovered a new short by Gary Lynch, it’s called Sinners and it’s a slasher of a different color…or mask, if you will.

Sinners is the story of 6 friends, when one is killed the others try to find out what happened. One of the ladies has begun helping friends prostitute themselves, which disgusts the others, but doesn’t explain the killing. As the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that someone doesn’t like what’s going on, and is going to punish the wicked. Who is it and why are they doing this? Well, you’ll just have to dig into Sinners for yourself to find out.

I’m giving Sinners 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s an interesting premise and the ending is good enough to keep you entertained throughout. Lynch, working with a limited budget, managed to get me out of the edge of my chair a couple of times during the short…which isn’t easy to do no matter what the budget! You can find out more by heading over to