Skin Crawl (2007) – By Brian Morton

 How many times have we seen the story of an ancient curse visited upon someone today? A hundred? A thousand? Well, it takes the right kind of writer/director with the right cast to pull it off without boring you to tears, and I have to say, in Skin Crawl, Justin Wingenfeld has taken what could have been a clichéd low budget horror movie and turned it into something special.

Here’s the basic story: Margaret’s (Debbie Rochon) marriage is having some problems. It seems that her husband, Howard (Kevin G. Shinnick), isn’t interested in her anymore. What Margaret doesn’t know is that Howard is having an affair with Sadie (Julian Wells), and Sadie has talked Howard into having her killed in order to get all her money. What none of them know is that Margaret is actually related to a coven of witches that were tortured and killed by the locals here centuries ago, and by harming Margaret, they’re awakening an ancient curse that will wipe them all out! Skin Crawl may, on the surface, seem to be your standard revenge from the dead tale, but the cast here is doing such an excellent job that it’s just a whole lot more fun than your standard low budget movie. Debbie Rochon is excellent as Margaret the wife turned zombie, Kevin Shinnick is wonderfully slimy as the cheating husband and Julian Wells plays the evil double crossing mistress to a tee! And, I’d be remiss, if I overlooked Rodney Gray as Demato, the man who actually kills Margaret, Rodney steals almost every scene that he’s in without saying a single word!

Skin Crawl is a b-movie that isn’t afraid to be a b-movie, in fact, it relishes the fact that it is! If you’re looking for a good time, then Skin Crawl is definitely for you. I sat down intending to be a little bored (I guess I’m slightly jaded), but it didn’t take long before this charming genre movie won me over and had me waiting to see what happened next. If you’d like to see that excellent little movie for yourself, head over to Shock O and grab a copy for yourself! I’m giving Skin Crawl four out of four cigars, because it’s a drive in movie that’s unashamed of the title! So, until next time, when I’ll install a DVD player in my car, just so I can pretend that I’m at the drive in again, remember that the best movies are bad movies.