Skull World (2013) – By Brian Morton

The world is filled with people that are ‘different’ than we are. Some, I would call ‘weirdos’, others are just eccentric. Well, a new doc, Skull World, follows a man, Greg Sommer, who sort of rides the lines between the two.

Greg is a Canadian who’s created a character called Skull Man, something that he uses to do comedy sketches and other short TV pieces with. He’s also interested in something called ‘Box Wars’, a ‘sport’ created in Australia that involved people making armor and weapons out of cardboard and then fighting each other in massive battles. Greg has decided to bring Box Wars to Canada and is spreading the word himself, attempting to start a TV series and generally speading the word about Box Wars anywhere he goes. Now, Skull World isn’t just about Box Wars (although it’s a central piece to the doc), Skull World is really about Greg, a guy who’s decided to live his life his own way and damn what anyone else thinks. Greg’s not worried about who you or I or anyone thinks about him, he does what he enjoys and attempts to make a living at it. There’s even a production company who’s trying to take Skull Man’s Box Wars to TV!! In the end, you’ll find yourself liking Greg and even rooting him on, even if you don’t really understand what it’s all about.

I’m giving Skull World 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, in fact, I can see some people being turned off by the Peter Pan-like attitude that Greg embodies, but if you’re mind is open to new (and slightly weird) things, you’re likely to enjoy Skull World very much! Enter the world of Skull Man for yourself by heading over to