Sky’s the Limit (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Widowed Jason (Timothy J. Cox) is trolling internet dating sites looking for love, while his precocious seven-year old son Frankie (Joseph Di Stefano) wants him to stop burying his face in the computer and play with him. Jason tries to play Sky King with Frankie, but he has lost that child-like innocence and he scolds his son for his silliness. Jason has a date for the evening, but when Frankie’s babysitter cancels on him, Jason is forced to bring his son on the date with him and it will take the behavior of his date (Monica Servellon) to make the dad realize how special his son really is.

“Sky’s the Limit” is a new seven minute short from first-time writer/director April Schroer and it’s sweet and charming. Schroer juxtaposes the innocence of Frankie with the cynicism of his dad. Both are mourning the loss of Frankie’s mom, but Jason fails to realize that it’s his son who he needs to spend more time with in order to get over his loss, not new single women.

This is a three character film and all of the leads (Timothy J. Cox, Joseph Di Stefano and Monica Servellon) put in good, caring performances. My only disappointment with the film is that it’s much too short. This story needs a more thorough telling and we need to understand Jason and Frankie’s underlying loss more deeply. Schroer glosses over this important aspect of their characters far too quickly. Still, “Sky’s the Limit” is a good, heartwarming short film that tells an important story. Any movie that emphasizes the importance of keeping one’s family close has its heart in the right place.

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