Slasher Hunter (2011) – By Cary Conley

Originally Slasher Hunter was a six-part web series, but now director Steve Rudzinski has edited the episodes together to create one continuous 35-minute film short. Let’s be honest up front. The acting is pretty bad, sometimes intentionally so, other times maybe unintentionally. The fight scenes are the worst-staged fights I’ve ever seen. And the video quality ranges from very nice to occasionally poor, especially near the beginning of the film during a couple of night scenes. So why did I like this short so much? Because it’s just plain fun. If you are a horror film buff, then you can’t help but appreciate a little parody aimed at the films you grew up on, which is exactly what Slasher Hunter is.

The film uses nearly every great rule of slasher films and turns them on their ear. Along the way, all the great film characters are fodder for some really fun humor. And the story is creative, too: the premise is that there is a Survivor Gene that about 10% of the population contains which prevents them from being killed by a slasher (because every great–and not so great–slasher film has a survivor, right?). But there is one person who has so much of the gene that it’s like Kryptonite to Superman; the gene is so strong that not only does it repel all the slashers, but it also protects those potential victims that happen to be nearby. Now all the slashers have banded together to get rid of the powerful "survivor" and it’s up to the semi-superhero Slasher Hunter to bring him in for preservation and study.

Near the beginning we are introduced to the "teens": the stereotypical loudmouthed jock and his nasty, horny girlfriend; the wannabe that hangs with the jock in hopes that some coolness will be absorbed via osmosis (and who, by the way, looks a lot like Eli Roth); the sweet, virginal platinum blonde; and, of course the fifth wheel that serves to do nothing but irritate everyone else. Except this time, the fifth wheel happens to be brought along because he has the survivor gene and can protect all the others from the slashers even though he is terribly annoying. We also have all the classic slashers on display, from Freddie Krueger to Chucky, Michael Myers, and even "Pleatherface."

But slasher films aren’t the only ones that are parodied. We also gets jokes about The Terminator, Star Wars, and even a fun "Saw" sequence (and, according to the film’s rules, Saw isn’t a slasher film because the victims actually killed themselves, thereby resolving the devious Jigsaw of the title of "slasher"). We also get a great take on the hard-nosed police captain who chews out the Slasher Hunter but gives him another chance because "You’re the best Slasher Hunter we got!" I also enjoyed the unique way the slashers obtained the precious survivor gene, but I won’t give it away here because not only is it fun, but it’s decidedly R-rated material.

The language is coarse, as is much of the humor. The film isn’t for those viewers who are upset by politically incorrect dialogue. As one killer says to another: "You’re just a dirty pedophile." The second killer replies, "What’s wrong with pedophiles? I’d rather f*ck kids than eat them like you do." Ouch!

Overall, I rather enjoyed Slasher Hunter, even with all of its flaws. I thought the story was creative and fun and the film itself was an entertaining parody of all the famous slasher films we all have grown up with. The DVD also comes with a commentary as well as 30 minutes of extras, all for only $9.99. If you aren’t overly sensitive to some coarse dialogue and are in the mood for a bit of comedy, you could do worse than spend 10 bucks on this film. Look it up at