Slaughter Daughter (2014) – By Brian Morton

Movies that attempt to recreate some of those cool exploitation movies from the 70s and 80s rarely, if ever, succeed. And that seems to be, at least in part, what was the plan for a new movie from Brain Damage Films, Slaughter Daughter.

Farrah is about to be married, but her mother informs her that her fiance isn’t going to show up and Farrah has a mental break! Cut to two years later and Farrah has been obsessing over a serial killer that was on the loose, and her mother is now planning a wedding of her own. This is all it takes to send Farrah spiraling down an insane path. First, she visits the killer in prison, to do a little bonding, then it’s back to her house where she begins planning how she’s going to murder everyone in the family!

Slaughter Daughter is an interesting movie, it feels at times like a modern movie and at others like it’s trying to emulate classic exploitation movies from the past. And, while it never really produces more than a shadow of the past, it still manages to be an interesting movie. The acting is strong, the story is good and it’s, overall, a pretty good movie. There are a couple of places where it felt a bit slow, but it picks up fairly quickly and we’re back to slaughtering!

I’m giving Slaughter Daughter 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but it’s a pretty interesting serial killer movie that has an ending that’s going to leave you wondering. Find out more and get slaughtered by the daughter yourself by heading over to