Sleepover Girls Application

Want to become a Rogue Cinema Sleepover Girl? Well here’s how!


1. You must have or be able to shoot some higher quality, pin-up or model style photos. Now, by higher quality we mean image quality, not necessarily that you need to have photos professionally done.  As long as the image quality is good and they’re done in the style we’re looking for then we can use them.  The photos should be sent in along with your fully completed info sheet. (See below.)

2. You must be involved in some aspect of the independent film industry. (Actress, crew, effects, musical scores, etc…)

3. There is no three. See how easy that was?

What we need from you:

1. We need you to download this info sheet, fill it out, and mail it to the editor, Duane L. Martin, at

2. Along with the info sheet, we need at least six non-nude photos of you. We only use six in each feature but if you send in more it’ll give us a nice selection to choose from. In any case, don’t send more than ten.

  • The photos should be high quality, full sized and in .jpg format. (i.e. no reduced or cropped, over-compressed files with compression marks all over them.)
  • The style we’re looking for is either glamor style shots (think Maxim/FHM etc… – see Lennox Miller’s feature from September 2008 for an example), or pin-up (classic or modern) style shots (see Rachel Grubb’s June 2009 feature for a great example of classic style pin-up shots).
  • The photos must be editable, meaning that when we post them in the magazine, we may clean them of grain and occasionally they will be brightness, contrast or color adjusted depending on the original quality of the photo. Some professional photographers don’t want to allow their photos to be edited in any way, so make sure you send pics that can be adjusted if necessary.  Not all will be, but in some cases it is necessary and it will be noted on the feature page above the photo section if they have been.

Why is it called “Sleepover Girl”?

Well, when I originally came up with the idea for this pin-up feature, I wanted to do something a little different with it, so I thought it would be fun and different to have a 40’s & 50’s style pin-up feature with a slumber party theme. Things however didn’t turn out that way and most of our girls have sent in more normal types of model or pin-up style photos instead. At this point, since it’s been running for so long now, it I don’t really want to change the name since it’s sort of become a known part of the magazine, so it is what it is regardless of the name.  I always thought it was a cute name anyway.

What our Sleepover Girls get from us:

Since Rogue Cinema is an all volunteer magazine, we’re not in a position to offer anything more than the honor of being one of our monthly Sleepover Girls and the added exposure you get from it. Our magazine is read by a large number of independent filmmakers, and as such, there’s a potential for some of them to contact you about castings. A casting contact line is included in the info sheet for this very purpose. Hopefully we can help at least some of our girls to connect with filmmakers who are looking for just the right girl to fill a part in their film.

Our monthly Sleepover Girls are treated as feature in the magazine, and as such will have a large, feature section entry on that month’s cover in addition to their own individual feature page on the site, so that no matter when you appeared in the magazine, people will still be able to find you.

Legal stuff:

By applying to be a Sleepover Girl, you give Rogue Cinema permission to run your photos and your Sleepover Girls feature in perpetuity. Any changes you’d like made to your info sheet should be requested in writing by contacting the editor. Requests for info sheet changes will be processed as quickly as possible after receipt of the request.