Slime City Massacre (2010) – By Brian Morton

If you know me, then you know I love the 80s exploitation movies. Loved them in the 80s and I love them now! Well, when I found out that Greg Lamberson was making a sequel to his personal 80s movie, Slime City, I couldn’t wait to see Slime City Massacre!

Slime City Massacre picks up 7 years after the original, and the world is a dark place. There’s been a dirty bomb set off in the city and parts of it are now not fit for human population. Well, those parts are now called Slime City, because all the people who can’t make it anywhere else show up there…sort of like Detroit! Well, when Alexa and Cory arrive in Slime City, it’s only passing through on the way west, but when they meet Mason and Alice and begin scavenging for food, they find something interesting…they find Himalayan Yogurt…and least that’s what the labels say. After eating the yogurt and drinking some liquor that was stored with it, the foursome begin a transformation that will change the face of Slime City!

The story is told in two ways, part is set in Slime City today and part is told as flashbacks to Zachary Devon (played by Robert C. Sabin, star of the original Slime City), and tells the origin of the ‘yogurt’ and why it causes the affects that is does. I hate to give too much away, because this really is a cool little movie, I loved the original Slime City and this is a truly worthy sequel. I’m giving Slime City Massacre 4 out of 4 cigars, this is just a good old fashioned horror movie that would have shown at any drive in in the 80s…and will fit perfectly into your DVD collection today! You can find out more about where you can see Slime City Massacre for yourself by heading over to