Slime City / Naked Fear (1989/1999) – By Brian Morton

You know, I’m a child of the 80s, my wasted youth was mostly wasted in the 80s, so I have a soft spot for crappy 80s horror movies, because these were the crappy horror movie of my youth! That’s right, at the end of the exploitation/Drive-In era, I was there, in my junky car, every Saturday, watching any horror movie that they would trot out for me.

Slime City is a movie that was released toward the end of the era, but it’s classic 80s horror! This is the story of Alex, and all Alex wants is an apartment for himself and his girlfriend, but what he finds is a bit more than that. Alex soon meets the neighbors, an art student and a hooker, who both seem to be okay, if rather strange. After having dinner with the art student, Alex begins getting sick. He assumes that it’s the weird Tibetan yogurt that he ate with his neighbor so he doesn’t think too much of it, until the next morning when he wakes up covered in slime! The slime covering him draws him out until he kills someone! Alex soon realizes that things in his apartment house are not as they seem. The neighbors are all possessed by the spirits of occultists who killed themselves in the cellar of his building years ago, under the instruction of their leader, Zachary. Now, Zachary needs a new body too, and he’s got his mind set on Alex’s!

Slime City is the some of the best of this kind of 80s exploitation movie that I’ve seen this side of Troma. The effects are gross and squishy, the story is strong and weird and the acting is top notch. It even has the over the top 80s gore that we’ve all come to know and love, the best part is when Alex’s girlfriend, Lori, uses a straight razor to gut him and Alex calmly sits down and begins stuffing his guts back into his body!

The second great thing about wasting my time at the Drive-In was that, on a date, you paid for two movies and you always got two movies! Every show was a double feature, and then, if you stayed long enough, you got to see the first one over again after the second feature…God, those were the days. But, enough of waxing nostalgic for a minute on the DVD for Slime City, there’s a second feature, Naked Fear. Now, Naked Fear is made by the same people but ten years later. It’s not a sequel, it’s not a horror movie, but it’s not bad.

Naked Fear is the story of Camden, and Camden had agoraphobia, in other words, he never leaves his apartment. Camden’s agoraphobia started when he was a teenager and his parents were killed at the door of his apartment. Luckily for him, Camden’s parents were pretty well off and so he doesn’t have to work, he can sit agoraphobically in his house all he wants.

This would be alright, but it would make for a slow movie. So, one day, Camden decides that he’s like a roommate. Even after being begged by his attorney/caretaker, Camden insists on screening roommates by himself, which is bad, because, since he’s been locked inside, Camden isn’t such a great judge of character, so the roommate he picks turns out to be a psycho! Naked Fear moves from the story of a weird guy, to the story of a couple of weird guys to a horror movie and then into a suspenseful thriller. For a low budget movie, this is pretty well done and will keep you, not on the edge, but pretty close to the edge of your seat.

Slime City is well worth your while and Naked Fear makes this a great double feature DVD! It made me feel like sitting in my car late at night, eating horribly over-priced, under-cooked hot dogs, listening to the movie on a really crappy speaker…yes, it made me long for my long lost youth! If you’d like this feeling drop by to visit Shock-O-Rama.Com right now!!! And until the next time, when I’ll try not to get all emotional on you, remember the best movies are bad movies!