Smart Work (2013) – By Brian Morton

We’ve been told from the time we’re young, ‘don’t work hard, work smart’. Well, being smart means different things to different people, so the saying is a strange one. Well, in the new short from Kelly-Marie Murtha called Smart Work.

Smart Work is the story of a young man who’s made a lot of bad decisions in his life. He’s placed a ‘sure thing’ bet, only to find that the bookie has led him wrong and he’s lost his money. Making one last decision to get his money back, he breaks into the bookie’s office and steals the money he feels he’s owed.

Then, something happens, his pregnant wife asks him what he’s going to teach his child and he has an epiphany. If he keeps travelling the path he’s on, it’ll just keep going, and take his child down that path with him. So, instead of moving forward, our hero takes the money back and makes a mends with the bookie and tries to teach him that there are other paths available.

Smart Work is an interesting short; in the beginning I was sure we were getting one thing, only to be given another…more satisfying thing! I’m giving Smart Work 4 out of 4 cigars, for a first time director, Murtha has really made a great start, Smart Work is very smart and, I think, it’s good for your heart! Find out more over at