Smoke (2010) – By Matt Barry

The stylistically intriguing Smoke is one of those rare films that manages to convey its ideas entirely visually. Director Grzegorz Cisiecki makes effective use of the closeup, especially his actors’ faces and eyes, to convey much without words.

Effectively an experimental narrative, Smoke is highly ambiguous in many of its narrative elements, adding to the sense of surrealism that leads the viewer right into the mind of the characters, in which nothing is quite as it seems.

The directorial style evokes something of the haunted world of David Lynch, with a Buñuelian sense of disjointed time and setting. The skill of the editing comes in being able to maintain a consistent tone even while breaking the temporal unity of shots in a sequence.

Ultimately, Smoke is the kind of purely visual cinematic experience that is difficult to convey in words, since so much of its power derives solely from the effects of its images. The film can be viewed online at: