Snowmageddon (2012) – By Brian Morton

If you read any of my reviews or articles, then you know that I have a deep and abiding love of all things ‘cheesy’ and b-movie-ish. Well, that most certainly means that I tend to love those SyFy Channel movies (even though there are just a TON of them) about giant monsters or nature attacking. Well, there’s a new one out of DVD, it’s Snowmageddon and it’s one of the weirdest yet!

It all takes place in Normal, Alaska….a place that’s soon to be anything but normal, by the way. When the local sheriff’s son gets a snow globe in the mail, that’s a complete mock-up of the town, it all starts getting strange. You see, there are buttons on the side of the snow globe, and when pushed things happen inside the globe….bad things….and anything that happens in the snow globe, happens in the town, so there are unexplained earthquakes, avalanches and strange icicle-throwing storms! And, the only person who knows what’s going on is the sheriff’s son…and no one believes him.

Snowmageddon isn’t a movie that’s going to win awards, but its fun. The actors are clearly having fun, and there’s no pressure to deliver and Oscar-caliber performance, we can just take the material and have some fun and make a harmless action/disaster movie. If you like this kind of thing then you’ll love Snowmageddon; if you like your movies a bit more believable or realistic…look elsewhere! I’m giving Snowmageddon 3 out of 4 cigars, if you hate these kinds of movie, then don’t waste your time but if you’re like me, then you’re going to want to rush over to and grab a copy right now!