Socks and Cakes (2012) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes a short can be a full story and sometimes a short is just a piece of a puzzle that makes you want more. Well, Socks and Cakes is one of those rare shorts that’s like eavesdropping on neighbors that you only hear from once a year.

This interesting little short is the story of a dinner party, five people from very different backgrounds are having dinner and dealing with their issues. The couple hosting the party is having problems, one single guest is frustrated by dating and the other two are a new couple who seem to only be together for physical reasons. Throughout the 20 some minute short, we see what’s going on with these people and what their problems really are.

The real interesting thing about Socks and Cakes is that it’s like real life, we don’t get a resolution to these life’s problems, we just get to see people dealing with real issues, and while that might sound strange, it’s strangely intriguing! Writer/director Antonio Padovan has captured a small piece of life that feels real, between the acting and the story; this is a great calling card and makes me want to see what else Padovan might have up his sleeve! I’m giving Socks and Cakes 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s well written, well acted and left me wanting more. Find out more by heading over to