Socks & Cakes (2010) – By Matt Barry

The opening titles, simple white-on-black credits, accompanied by Dooley Wilson singing “As Time Goes By” conjures up expectations of a Woody Allenesque, character-driven comedy. Thankfully, the film does not fail to deliver. Filled with witty banter and clever dialogue, Socks & Cakes, written and directed by Antonio Padovan, features some very smart humor.

We are immediately introduced to a group of colorful characters gathering for a dinner party. It’s very much an ensemble piece, centered around characters dealing with their neuroses while talking about their dreams, marriage, sex and New York. Harry Mogulevsky (Timothy J. Cox, in a wonderfully delightful performance) is an English teacher at NYU, living in the West Village, whose best friend is married to his ex-wife. The dinner party leads to some interesting revelations from the characters. There are some particularly funny, sharp comic lines, delivered with just the right touch of irony, that I won’t spoil here, but that work very well with these characters. There’s even a unique approach in having Harry directly address the camera (and the audience) at one point. The film is nicely shot, too, in widescreen long-takes, which allows the actors to really work with each other and create real interaction with good comic timing.

Socks & Cakes is a clever film, well worth checking out. For more information on the film, including viewing the film itself, visit: