Sodomatik Volume 1 (2010) – By Cary Conley

Jeff Chitty is an extreme kind of guy. He makes extreme films and he reads and writes extreme horror stories and books. He’s created a unique site called Digital Grindhouse Entertainment. The concept basically is a website that offers cheap, extreme underground horror films to a mass audience. But instead of buying an exorbitantly-priced DVD, you can pay a budget price and download a digital version for your home computer or iPod. The most expensive price I saw on the website was a mere $6.99 for a full-length feature film.

Heavily influenced by the grindhouse era of the early 70’s, most of Chitty’s films have the classic grindhouse look to them, complete with cigarette burns, floaters, pops, crackles and the like. One of the offerings on his website other than his original grindhouse features is a compilation of classic violent grindhouse clips titled Sodomatik Volume 1.

Sodomatik Volume 1 is the kind of flick you know you either will enjoy or you won’t before you ever watch it. This is a compilation of some of the most violent movie scenes ever committed to celluloid. We have clips from Henenlotter’s Brain Damage, Fulci’s City of the Living Dead, Argento’s Suspiria, Splatter: Naked Blood, Bava’s A Bay of Blood, plenty of samplings from the infamous Guinea Pig films, Nacho Cerda’s gruesome Aftermath, and on and on. This is 70 minutes of balls-to-the-wall gore, no plot needed!

I happen to thoroughly enjoy occasionally tuning in and dropping out for an hour or so to watch totally mindless violence, so I liked this flick. Others don’t get into compilation flicks or can’t stomach the violent content of such a film. They are definitely an acquired taste. Sodomatik Volume 1 starts out with some film clips shown with a death metal soundtrack. I’m not a fan of death metal so this aspect didn’t appeal to me; however, I understand that plenty of hardcore film buffs also enjoy their death metal, so perhaps these two extreme types of media are suited to each other. No matter, I just turned the volume on low and enjoyed the gore. Happily the soundtrack eventually changed from an overdubbed music track to the original tracks for each clip. Now that’s the way I like it!

I particularly enjoyed identifying the clips from various films I had seen over the years–many of which I own myself–and also finding some other gory gems I had somehow missed seeing over the last three decades. Much like an archaeologist discovering a new tomb, I revel in the discovery of a new sleaze masterpiece I have never seen before. I couldn’t wait until the end of the movie to see the list of films the clips had come from. Alas, it wasn’t to be. The film ends on a corpse-strewn beach with the title card "The End" and no credit list at all. And that is my only real complaint: how do I track down these new gore flicks I’ve discovered if I don’t even have the titles? A minor quibble at best.

So if you don’t mind compilation films and you enjoy some over-the-top violence, then Sodomatik Volume 1 is for you. Personally, I can’t wait for Volume 2. If Mr. Chitty’s site sounds interesting to you or you would like to view Sodomatik or some of his other films, you can check out his website at It’s still a small site, so it is easy to navigate plus it has some cool flicks to download as well as links to some of Chitty’s other endeavors such as his writing. If you are an exploitation or sleaze fan, you will most certainly enjoy the site, so give it a try.