Solitary Man (2010) – By Brian Morton

A midlife crisis is one of the worst thing ever. Take it from a guy who’s getting to the age that I’m in danger of having one, it’s something that only makes you look like an ass…and I’m hoping to avoid it completely! Well, a new movie from Anchor Bay, Solitary Man, follows one man as he faces his mortality with a midlife crisis!

Michael Douglas plays Ben Kalman, a successful businessman who’s lost everything. And, because he’s trying to recapture his youthful success, he’s doing it the way he did it originally, with the help of a woman. And, since his wife has left him, Ben begins chasing any woman that he comes across! In the end, Ben is left feeling like the worn out old guy that he is and is faced with a decision, either continue his wild ways and be ostracized by everyone he loves, or face the fact that he’s getting older.

Solitary Man is really Michael Douglas’ movie, and he plays Ben perfectly…a bit too perfectly almost, I was beginning to wonder if there was some typecasting going on by halfway through the movie. But, Solitary Man will make you wonder about yourself as you get older and take a second look at the weird guy with the comb-over, the convertible and the girlfriend who’s half his age! I’m giving Solitary Man 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, in fact there are times you’ll feel downright uncomfortable, but it’s a morality tale that men especially can relate to. Join the Solitary Man by heading over to