Solstice (2016) – By Jason S. Lockard


Image comics has become one of the biggest comic companies and it’s all thanks to their non apologetic way of approaching telling a story! One of their newest releases is Solstice.

The story follows Russell Waterhouse, a millionaire with a death wish. He drags his son, Hugh, to all the corners the Earth on a journey to find the Fountain of Youth. Russell is not a good husband and father. His overbearing desires to have his own way destroyed his relationship with his wife and his son. But on the longest day of the year, Russell and his son will discover there’s a reason why the mysterious wellspring has never been found.

Solstice is a intriguing story by acclaimed author Steven T. Seagle. The artwork is stunning and leaps off the page. Definitely a bonus is that it is presented in full color for the first time. At 116 pages Solstice is an exciting journey into the darkness of a father and son relationship.

When deciding whether to read this graphic novel it is good to note that this is a graphic novel for adults. There are very adult themes and adult language. This is not for the kids.

So if you love thrilling mysterious comic book adventures as much as I do this might be just the one for you. You can buy Solstice on digital for $15.99 or the hardback print copy for just $19.99. Head over to and get your copy today!

Moral Rating: Violence, adult language and adult situations
Audience: Adults
Genre: Thriller
Length: Over 100 pages
Blu-Ray Release: 2016
Our Rating: B