Some Love From Above (2014) – By Brian Morton

About a year ago, I saw a film called ‘A Film In Tongues’ that was a story completely told in ‘tongues’, meaning a Pentecostal-type language used during religious excitement.  Well, the same people, Metro Film Produktions, are at it again with a new movie, Some Love From Above.
The story here is of a young woman who’s never had a boyfriend.  She’s in love with the gardener, and when she declares her love for him, she finds that he loves her too.  But, when her uncle forbids the relationship, they decide to elope.  The whole thing is framed by aliens who are watching the girl and her uncle, and who intervene when the wedding is threatened.
Now, I’m guessing that we’re supposed to think that the gardener might be an alien, but it’s never made completely clear, and when an alien takes the place of the niece in her uncle’s house, it just seems strange.  This is an art movie filled with symbolism, or at least it felt like it, and it left me a bit perplexed.  It’s not terrible, it just felt like there was something going on that I was either not privy to, or not smart enough to understand.
I’m giving Some Love From Above 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not a bad movie, it’s just a bit confusing.  Find out more for yourself by heading over to