Someone’s Knocking at the Door (2009) – By Cary Conley

Vicious Circle films have quickly made a name for themselves by releasing some of the nastiest, most politically incorrect films ever made, and they have done it again with this DVD release.

Writer/director/producer Chad Ferrin has concocted a very politically incorrect story about a husband and wife serial killer duo who killed by raping people to death.  Six medical students accidentally discover the medical files of the serial killers along with a secret, experimental drug used on the killers.  The med students try the drug themselves while listening to the tapes of the psychiatric sessions with the killers.  But unbeknownst to the med students, this lethal combination resurrects the killers who then start tracking down the kids one-by-one.

The film opens with the killer—who happens to have a 15-inch-long member—anally raping one of the students, so right away the viewer knows exactly what kind of film this is going to be.  As the film progresses, the students start hallucinating and having weird dreams.  In fact, I would describe this film as a cross between Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond (with all the talk of the pineal gland and hallucinations) and A Nightmare on Elm Street with all the strange and violent dreams.

While the film is graphic, and quite likely would receive an NC-17 rating if submitted to the MPAA, I thought Ferrin actually held back on the most gruesome aspects of the rapes and murders.  To be sure, the content is for mature audiences only, with both anal and oral rapes by excessively large members, a rape with a strap-on dildo, and plenty of blood, but Ferrin uses interesting angles and shies away from what could have been much more graphic shots.  The resulting film is still brutal yet restrained enough to not be stomach-churning.  This allows the viewer to enjoy the film as an extremely dark and ridiculously twisted comedy instead of a totally grueling film experience.

The hallucination/nightmare sequences are done well and keep the viewer guessing as to what is real and what isn’t.  And some of the imagery is startling, especially when one of the female med students is killed by the female serial killer—by having her head swallowed whole by the woman’s vagina!  Featuring a bit of a twist ending that I found fun and satisfying, overall I enjoyed this film.

There were a few weaknesses, including a musical score that could be irritating at times as well as a sub-par sound mix—I found myself having to adjust the volume when there was dialogue and readjusting during sequences that used a rock soundtrack.

Graphic, mind bending, and hallucinatory, this film kept me interested all the way through.  Maybe not a film for all tastes, but I found it wildly entertaining as a politically incorrect throwback to the grindhouse era of filmmaking.  If you are interested in seeing this film you can go to to purchase the film or rent it through Netflix.