Sometimes They Come Back for More (1999) – By Alexandra Bradley

Ice Station Arabis in Antarctica is an illegal mining group run by the pentagon and the army carries out their orders. One of the officers at the station, Carl Shilling (Damien Chapa) has gone crazy and has shot almost everyone there. Two people from the military police, Captain Sam Cage (Clayton Rohner) and Major Callie O’Grady (Chase Masterson) are sent in to apprehend Shilling and find out what happened. When they get there, Cage starts hallucinating and sees a desert with naked women half buried in the sand. They find two survivors at the base, Jennifer Wells (Faith Ford) and Brian Shebanski (Max Perlich). Jennifer is a medical officer who called the military police and Brian is an engineer with an anger problem (no wall goes un-punched). Cage and O’Grady go into the mine that the survivors say Shilling went into before he went crazy. They check it out but O’Grady succumbs to the gases and gets sick. As night falls they all go to sleep, except O’Grady who insists on standing watch. Soon, the bodies they had found start to disappear and they don’t seem to stay dead. Paranoia runs rampant as they themselves start to die. Who is behind it all? And why is no one ever what they seem?

“Sometimes They Come Back for More” is based on the characters of Stephen King’s novella “Sometimes They Come Back” and probably has some relation to the two movies “Sometimes They Come Back” and “Sometimes They Come Back Again”, which were based off the novella itself. This flick had a million plot holes. It was nonsensical and all the actors overacted in the worst way. First of all, you didn’t get to know the characters at all. The closest thing you come to getting to know a character is the very beginning when we see Sam Cage drinking his sorrows away. Callie O’Grady had the biggest attitude and it seemed unnecessary for her to be so rude and always yelling at the two survivors they find. Everything the characters in this movie do makes no sense whatsoever. When they arrive, they demand to see the mine. It’s 20 minutes till sundown and it’s already -70º but they just have to go. What’s wrong with waiting till morning? A lot of other things don’t make sense either, like the fact that it’s -70º outside. At one point they see someone on the security cameras inside the mine dragging a body. The person in the mine is completely outfitted in cold weather gear. Cage sees the guy and decides to go after him claiming, “If he can do it…I can do it!” at which point he proceeds to run outside in nothing but his fatigues. Well…I live in Michigan and I experienced my first real winter here (with snow and everything) and at one point I was walking to class in -25ºF weather in full winter clothes and it sucked. My face was burning really bad and even when you were indoors waiting to get into the lecture hall you felt like you were going to die. No, I don’t think he would have made it 10 feet out there in just fatigues. Also…they had one of those big thermometers that tell you the temperature of wherever it is. Well…it was inside and it said it was -70. I could bore you with all the inconsistencies with the weather for hours but I’ll stop. All in all…the story itself was shoddy and it didn’t seem like they really knew where they were going. It was interesting enough though. I didn’t find myself bored out of my mind or constantly checking the clock. Heck, I even jumped a few times, but anything it established unraveled rather quickly. The ending was absolutely ridiculous. After all that build up (well, at least what they tried to build up) it ends rather quickly and how can you fall in love with someone when you’ve known them for less than 24 hours?! This is my biggest movie pet peeve…when characters fall in love that quickly. And what’s the title have to do with the movie? Anyway, I wouldn’t recommend it but if you have a few hours to kill on a rainy day it’s an alright way to pass the time…even though I could think of better ways to spent it, like flushing your pet goldfish down the toilet. Because of this, the jury is only giving this flick 2 stars.