Sons of Liberty (2014) – By Brian Morton

Action movies on a low budget can be difficult at best.  So, when I saw Sons of Liberty in my inbox, I have to admit, I wasn’t overly excited, but I was semi-pleasantly surprised.
The Sons of Liberty is an anti-terrorist group who are here to keep the bad guys from destroying the American way of life.  They’ve been around since the Revolutionary War and continue to this day, defending freedom in complete secrecy.  A premise that’s been done before, but I’m willing to go along.  So, when a terrorist group attempts to get its hands on nuclear materials, it becomes the assignment of the SOL to stop them.  And, while this leads to some pretty cool fight scenes and some good action sequences, it’s largely confusing as to who this other group is (other than ‘the enemy’) and what exactly they want to do with this bomb material.
This leads to what is essentially good guys fighting bad guys, which I have nothing against, but if you’re not going to give me more to sink my teeth into, then you need the big budget for the explosions and the huge sequences, and that’s where Sons of Liberty falls a bit short.  Director Drew Hall and crew are doing their best, but it just seems that the story needed a bit more polish, I never really identified with any of the characters and the love story that was woven through the movie fell flat.
I’m giving Sons of Liberty 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s an okay movie, but it’s not a movie that I’d want to watch again.  With a bit more work on the story, I felt like I might have actually cared about these people and wanted to see more of them.  You can find out more for yourself by heading over to