SOUND/VISION (2015) – By Misty Layne


SOUND/VISION is a contemporary yet timeless story about people struggling with identity and overcoming adversity through the power of music. Lost in an unfamiliar town, a shy Muslim girl meets a disillusioned Jewish pianist and makes an unexpected discovery. What discovery? I think that’s up to the viewer’s interpretation but mostly I’d say a discovery about magic in unexpected places; the kind that leads to new adventures and new bonds. And all because one took a first step.

This short film tells a beautiful story – one that’s incredibly personal to us – via Nasrin, a deaf Muslim girl, and Adam, a Jewish pianist who owns a music shop. Nasrin discovers herself in a town one day – on purpose, by accident, who knows? She wanders the streets before coming across Adam’s shop. He is away for 5 minutes but has left the shop unlocked with a note so she slips in, finds a piano and starts playing. Adam comes back in, finds her and is stunned – as he should be because her playing is absolutely breath-taking (says the former pianist, who played for roughly 15 years and wishes she could play classical like Nasrin here!). From that moment on, the two start to bond through the music of Beethoven and with Adam’s help, Nasrin finds a dream she didn’t even know was there.

SOUND/VISION was shot by Jeremiah Kipp, so you know it looks beautiful. There’s the typical soft, dreamy shots with the muted colors, that almost make the picture look like an impressionistic piece of art (Degas to be exact). Obviously, the music was perfect. In his director’s note, Kipp says, “SOUND/VISION is about music, a profound art form, even more personal than movies. It’s a means of communication that goes beyond words.” and the unspoken dialogue present in this film was heartwarming, yet somehow melancholy, as the film takes us from past to present with a profound sense of leaving adolescence and once loved things behind. Rita Posillico (Nasrin) and Ari Rossen (Adam) were both a joy to watch. They worked well off of each other and were engaging (always a plus for films with little dialogue).

You won’t be sorry if you go and watch SOUND/VISION. Trust me on this one. So visit the website and their Facebook page today and get a little extra joy in your life!