Spacemen & Go Go Girls Double Feature (2006) – By Jordan Garren

 I don’t know about you, but before I watch a DVD, I usually check out the film’s trailer beforehand (if there is one available). It’s a (some would say bad) habit that I’ve picked up over the years. I do this to either hype myself up for the film I’m about to watch (if it is something I’ve seen before) or to get a feel for what I’m about to see for the first time. I did that for Brett Kelly’s Spacemen & Go Go Girls Double Feature and truthfully I felt safe. The movie looked fun and fairly well-made, but instead of going right to the movie, I, for the first time in my movie reviewing career, decided to check out some of the extras. This nearly proved fatal for Spacemen & Go Go Girls because the extras on the disc feature the original short film that’s the basis for this recent Tempe DVD release.

The original Spacemen & Go Go Girls short was filmed on (I’m guessing) a VHS camcorder. The whole thing looked and sounded terrible and sent a pang of fear through my body. I turned it off after five minutes, did a reality check, then played the current thirty-three minute cut of the film, and all fears were allayed. Thankfully Brett Kelly’s upgrade of his old short film (from 1999) is light-years ahead of the original in terms of production values, editing, acting… everything! The first short film on this double feature disc is Spacemen, Go Go Girls, and the True Meaning of Christmas. In this fun short, aliens from Uranus (SLAP!) are running short on fuel for their war against Jupiter (because people from Jupiter are stupider). It turns out that said fuel source can only be found on Earth, so two bumbling Uranian warriors fly to Earth via stock footage from The Phantom Planet. (A film that should be familiar ground for fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000).

After changing Earth’s climate to suit their needs, the two aliens land on the planet’s surface and begin scouring the area for their much needed fuel source. After a few run-ins with some snooty Earthlings (that result in the complete vaporization of said Earth-jerks), the two bumbling invaders end up butting heads with a trio of cute girls from the Detective-A-Go-Go Agency, namely Ann Atomic, Viv Vavoom, and Dee Lishus. (Cute names, no?) By the time the film ends, the aliens discover the fuel they need (mistletoe?!), make amends for their wrongdoings, and discover the true meaning of Christmas. As the film closes out, the aliens blast off for Uranus, while the go go detectives break out into a go go dancing frenzy. They are momentarily joined by a crowd of gorgeous gals, and a whole lot of gyrating ensues. (Not a bad way to end a movie if you ask me.)

Spacemen, Go Go Girls, and the True Meaning of Christmas is an extremely fun short film that good-naturedly pokes fun at a variety of old sci-fi movies. The dialogue is downright hilarious at times, and the castmembers (including writer, director Brett Kelly) all do a great job in the film! Truthfully it was a heck of a lot better than I expected, and it was a pleasant surprise to say the least. My only complaint on this short film is that there may be a bit too much go-go dancing going on…. but that’s easy to overlook, because there a lot of pretty girls to drool over. Brett Kelly definitely has a penchant for writing comedy and it shines through in this first short film! Now, let’s move on to the next movie on this double feature disc, namely Spacemen, Go Go Girls, and the Great Easter Hunt.

In this film, an evil space creature named Baltok escapes imprisonment on Uranus, steals a flying saucer that Ed Wood would be proud of, and heads to Earth. The funny thing about this vicious flesh-eating monster is that it looks just like… The Easter Bunny! (Hahahah!) Once on Earth, the villainous bunny assumes the guise of the Easter Bunny and takes control of Easter Island! But have no fear, Ann Atomic, Viv Vavoom, Dee Lishus and their new team-mate, Dixie Pixiestick are hot on the trail of Baltok. Along with the two goofy aliens from the first Spacemen and Go Go Girls adventure, the quartet of detectives venture to Easter Island on their "invisible jet" (I guess Brett’s a fan of "Wonder Woman?") to stop Baltok and save the Easter Bunny. Now here’s where the film actually managed to disappoint me folks.

For some reason, Brett Kelly, the writer, director, and star of this film, decided to leave my two favorite go go girls out of the storyline for the climax, leaving Viv Vavoom, Dixie Pixiestick, and the two moronic aliens to deal with Baltok! (How dare you leave the best eye candy in the film behind!) But taking down Baltok won’t be easy because he is protected by four jungle girls in leopard-print bikinis. (Ok, that helps make up for the lack of Ann and Dee.) During a short bout of hand-to-hand combat between said jungle girls and our heroes, it’s discovered that the bikini-clad fighters are members of the Go Go Detective Agency’s "Easter Island Branch." Amends are quickly made, thus ending Baltok’s plans for world domination! (And yes, once evil is defeated the girls all break out into some go-go dancing.)

Spacemen, Go Go Girls, and the Great Easter Hunt is a step down from the previous film in my opinion. Though it is still fun to watch, I couldn’t help but feel that it was a rushed job. Perhaps if this short film ran a bit longer, just another ten minutes or so, Brett could have done more with it. And as I said earlier, the main thing that disappointed me with this short film was that two of my favorite characters (and eye candy), Ann Atomic (Renee Morra… ::drool::) and Dee Lishus (Anne-Marie Pinel) were left out of the movie’s big finale! (Seriously Brett, what gives?!) Despite my minor misgivings, this is still a great deal of fun to watch and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t give this fun indie sci-fi/comedy double feature my stamp of approval. At less than an hour long, this fun little homage is definitely worthy of your spare time! (And you just gotta love the groovy soundtrack for both movies!)

The Spacemen & Go Go Girls DVD is yet another job well done by Tempe Entertainment. The films are shown in their original fullscreen versions with digital 2.0 sound, and the number of extras on the DVD are impressive. Each short film has an audio commentary with Brett Kelly, the cast, and crew. I have yet to listen to either of these, but I’m almost positive that there will be plenty of laughs in store for me (or anyone else that watches these films with their commentary). Also included on this DVD are the original 1999 version of Spacemen, Go Go Girls, and the True Meaning of Christmas, the original 2000 version of Spacemen, Go Go Girls, and the Great Easter Hunt, some Super 8MM footage from the original 1999 short film, a Spacemen & Go Go Girls 2004 preview, and finally a handful of trailers for other Tempe releases.

For more information about this double feature, visit today! If you would like to learn more about director Brett Kelly and keep up to date with his current and future projects, then visit! (Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Brinke Stevens has a cameo in the first short as "Candy Can Cans" and she does an excellent job! For more info about this well known scream queen, visit her official website!)