Spaghettiman (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Superhero movies are all the rage at the moment, both Marvel and DC characters cashing in big at the box office with no end in sight. So it was only natural that somebody was going to come along and spoof them. Since the major studios weren’t going to step on their own wallets it was up to the indies, and here we have Spaghettiman, a tale of radioactive pasta and super powers al dente.

Clark ( Ben Crutcher) is a loser. As the film opens he’s losing his job delivering pizzas for delivering them missing slices. He lives on his friend Dale’s (Winston Carter) couch and has no intention of getting another job. Then a defective microwave contaminates his leftover pasta, giving him the ability shoot spaghetti from his hands and his penis. Yes this is a superhero who can piss pasta at you, (thankfully there’s no cream sauce involved). But he has no interest in using his powers for good, he’s in it for the money, demanding payment from those he saves. Finding a measure of fame and actually being able to pay his bills for a change everything seems to be looking up. But every superhero needs a nemesis, and that’s where Shadow Man comes in. Will Spaghetti man triumph or is his career pasta its expiration date?

Shot on a shoestring budget by director Mark Potts the film has some incredibly funny moments and does a great job of skewering a lot of comic book cliches. From his Spidermanesque origin to the identity of his arch enemy the film hits a lot of the right notes and hits them hard. However it also has a very big flaw, it’s lead is so utterly unlikable I found it very hard to get into the film at first. I get that he’s supposed to be the ultimate slacker, but I didn’t find him funny, just incredibly irritating. Once he dons his paper bag and hoodie costume it gets easier to deal with him, but it still kept me from liking this film as much as I should have.

The film is very well shot and edited for something so low budgeted. The cast and crew are both excellent and help the film overcome it’s lack of budget and lack of a sympathetic lead. Many of them pulled double duty in front and behind the camera which may have helped keep things focused as well.

Overall, this is a funny film and those who find Clark more funny than obnoxious should enjoy it even more than I did. Uncork’d will be releasing this on VOD and in some theaters later this year.