Spirit Stalkers (2012) – By Brian Morton

I’ve been watching movies for Rogue Cinema for quite a few years now, and I can honestly say I’ve seen more than my fair share of movies…both good and bad. But, when I get an email from Steve Hudgins about a new movie from Big Biting Pig Productions, my cinematic heart always skips a beat. Steve and his crew always put together interesting, scary and well written movies, and I’m always interested to see what they’ll come up with next.

This time it’s Spirit Stalkers, a ghost story of a different type. The Spirit Stalkers is a TV show that’s sort of a scientific version of Ghost Hunters. The Spirit Stalkers visit haunted places to find out what’s really going on, whether it’s some environmental issue or a mechanical problem, every time they’ve visited a haunted place, there’s been a logical explanation for the ‘haunting’ and it’s affecting their ratings. So, when they get a call about a woman calls about her haunted house, they get excited. It seems that Gloria Talman’s house has been the site of not one, but two grisly murders and the events that are going on aren’t so easily explained away. What they find in Gloria’s house changes everything, both for the team and the ‘paranormal’ industry as a whole!

I could tell you more, but I’m afraid that Steve would have me killed. You see, Big Biting Pig Productions always brings it to the viewer, and Spirit Stalkers is no exception. Spirit Stalkers starts with a slow burn, building to a crescendo of horror and excitement…it’s nice to see a production house that always manages to top itself, while keeping the core of what it does intact.

I’m giving Spirit Stalkers 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a terrific movie (as are all the Big Biting Pig films) and it’s more than worth the price of admission. If you’re a fan of horror, or just great indie movies, then head over to http://www.bigbitingpigproductions.com right now and grab a copy of Spirit Stalkers…you won’t be disappointed!