Square Pegs (2007) – By Brian Morton

 I can honestly say that lately I’ve seen more great shorts than films. Too many people take great short ideas and try to stretch them out into full length features when, by keeping it to a short, they have a far superior product. Well, Ben Hicks took a great idea and not only executed it wonderfully, in the new movie Square Pegs, but also made a movie that looks fantastic!

The story here is about a mother and her two daughters who have stopped for dinner while traveling. The restaurant that mom has chosen is very strange, and it just gets stranger. The food is free and everyone in the place is weird, and the only one who seems to notice is the older daughter. As the story moves forward we get the idea that this isn’t a restaurant at all and, at the end, we know exactly where we are, although we’re left wondering why.

It’s not often that I enjoy a movie that’s this esoteric, but Square Pegs left me wanting more, as the movie closes we’re left with a ‘what happens next’ scene that really does leave you wanting more. Besides the look of the film (which is beautiful) the acting is top notch and the story is great. Mr. Hicks has really captured a mood with this short that rivals big budget fare (the Texas Chainsaw remakes, for instance). You can find out more about this cool short by heading over to Elephant Dreams Pictures web site for this and Ben’s other movie, Pea Vs. Carrot (which is reviewed in this very issue of RC!). I’m giving Square Pegs four out of four cigars, because it’s one of those rare things, a short that really leaves you wanting the feature that it could be!