SSI: Sex Squad Investigations (2006) – By Brian Morton

 In the past, when I’ve seen something in my inbox from Seduction Cinema, I’ve been less than excited. I apologize to all the hard working men and women who make these movies, but the soft-core aspects of them really don’t excite me that much. But, that being said, I think I may have to reassess my thinking after seeing their newest release SSI: Sex Squad Investigations!

With this movie, I was expecting what’s usually there, really lame jokes punctuated by extending nude and simulated sex scenes, but SSI takes the established format and changes it up a bit. All the same elements that have made Seduction Cinema a success are there, but this time the emphasis seems to be more on the parody and less on the nudity. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why Seduction Cinema would back away from the Seduction, but this movie really delivers, and it gives the actresses, who in past movies have been there as merely eye candy, to prove that they can act as well. The lead actress, AJ Khan, may be one of the most attractive women in B cinema, and, after seeing this movie, you can see she’s one of the best actresses too, she holds her own, and even surpasses the rest with her comedic talents. The story here is, obviously, a parody of the successful TV franchise, CSI, but in this story, President Shrub has established the ‘illicit sex act’ to keep people from having sex out of wedlock, and he’s then put together a sort of homeland security for sex, that’s SSI. The particulars of the story involve Officers Honeysuckle and Lightbody (played by John Paul Fedele and AJ Khan respectively), trying to hunt down a serial seductress who’s leaving a trail of sexed up women in her wake. When the seductress kidnaps the President’s daughter it’s up to our heroes to unravel what has turned into a fairly complex story.

SSI: Sex Squad Investigations is probably the best movie I’ve seen from Seduction Cinema, the balance of sex with comedy is the best they’ve struck so far. I think this is the one that will satisfy the fans of their older material and gain them fans that are looking for more comedy! I’m giving SSI: Sex Squad Investigations four out of four cigars, it’s funny and I defy anyone to get the parody of Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone out of their head when the movie is over. You can hear it for yourself by getting SSI for yourself at Seduction Cinema. So, until next time, when I’ll tell you about the time I tried to seduce my wife be doing a slow strip tease and only managed to turn her stomach, remember that the best movies are bad movies.