Stalked (2011) – By Brian Morton

We’ve all seen the movies where some poor young, vulnerable woman is relentlessly stalked by a masked stranger. Well, a new movie by Matthew Irving, Stalked, takes that premise in such a new direction that I don’t know if I can tell you much about it without ruining the experience for you…but I’ll try.

Matthew’s real life wife Cindy Baer plays the ‘victim’ in the film; she’s just sight seeing in New York when she notices a strange man in a pig mask watching her. At first she just assumes that it’s just that famous ‘New York weirdness’ that we all hear about, but when he begins turning up again and again and staring right at her, she becomes concerned for her safety!

Where this movie ends will be at a place that you’ll never see coming. Having seen literally hundreds of slasher movies in my time, I’ve never seen one that ends up like Stalked!

I’m giving Stalked 4 out of 4 cigars, simply for the ending…if nothing else were good about this movie, that would earn it a great review…but it’s not, everything about this short is amazing, it looks great, the acting it top notch and it’s just a great short film overall! This is one that’s on the festival circuit right now, so check your local listings and get to where it’s showing and see it right away! Find out where and how over at!/stalkedthemovie.