Star Trek New Visions: Sam (2017) – By Jason S. Lockard


Trekkies around the world are always looking for new adventures to enjoy! Whether your a fan of the original series, next generation, voyager, enterprise or the new movies. IDW publishing really has you covered. As a fan of the original series this New Visions series really is something special!

In Star Trek new visions #14 entitled Sam; Captian James T. Kirk faces the greatest challenge of his life, when he discovers his own brother Sam Kirk is accused of murder! Captain Kirk is caught between loyalty to family and the call of duty!

This is not a comic book per se! Writer, and artist John Byrne takes images are actually stills of the original TV series and Photoshops them making a whole new adventure. As a person who works on making posters and such, I realize how tough this is and John does a masterful job!

I am a little late to the dance on this book series so needless to say I will be catching up on older issues. The story of “Sam” belongs right in the cannon. You can see it being an episode of Star Trek The Original Series! I am so looking forward to continue with the next book “The Traveler” as we already go a teaser for this one at the end of this adventure!

So if your a fan of the Star Trek the original series! This is an absolute must add to your collection! It can go right along side the DVD or blu-rays of the original series. At only $7.99 in a print or $3.99 digital copy, it’s a steal! Head over to and get your copy today!

Moral Rating: mild violence
Audience: some scenes may be a little scary for small children
Genre: comic book
Released: 2017
Rating: A