Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever #2 (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

Most Trekkies agree the greatest TV episode of the original series was The City on the Edge of Forever. Last month we looked at the introductory issue of IDW publishing’s 5 part series of comic books giving Harlan Ellison’s teleplay the actual release he originally intended.

In issue #2 the Guardians inform Kirk that history has been altered and has thus changed life as they know it! The landing party transports back to the Enterprise to become captive aboard the Condor, a ship of renegades. After overcoming their captors Kirk and Spock look for the focal point in time to return, to make right the wrong that has occurred. Kirk and Spock materialize outside a twentieth century soup kitchen. Is all well? You’ll need to read issue #2 to find out.

The darker and gritty teleplay continues in issue #2 brought to life by writers Scott and David Tipton. The classical art work of J.K. Woodward continues as well, drawing you in with one glance. I wait with bated breath to see issue #3!

If you love the original Star Trek this new series is an absolute must have for your comic book collection. I highly recommend you head over to and find out how to get your copy today! You’ll love it!

Moral Rating: violence
Audience: teens and adults, may not be suitable for small children
Genre: comic book
Released: 2014
Rating: A