Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever #4 (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

Harlan Ellison’s episode of the original Star Trek ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’ is simply the best! But what we saw on the screen was not his original vision. IDW Publishing has been releasing a Star Trek mini-series based on this classic episode. We are drawing closer and closer to the finale. This month issue #4 the second to last in this series of books.  

In issue #4 Kirk and Spock find themselves biding their time in New York in the year 1930s time frame. As they try to find the murderer from their time that is threatening to change time itself. Kirk does the unthinkable, he falls in love with a woman of the past.

The darker and gritty teleplay draws to the climactic conclusion with each issue only one left! The writing of Scott and David Tipton along with the art work of J.K. Woodward make this mini-series something special. I think this tale was made for these guys to bring to the comic book world.

If you love the original Star Trek and you haven‘t check out this series yet, I have one question to ask! What are you waiting for?! I highly recommend you head over to and find out how to get your copy today! This is just a great series!

Moral Rating: violence
Audience: teens and adults, may not be suitable for small children
Genre: comic book
Released: 2014
Rating: A