Sternenkind (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Shot as a graduation film for the London Film School Sternenkind is in many ways the stereotypical student short film, beautiful shot and acted but with a plot that makes you wonder who the filmmakers thought would want to watch it.

The plot concerns a couple Julia and Hannes (Friederike Hammer and Nils Wiegand) who learn that their unborn child will die before birth due to an illness. They move out to the countryside for solitude during this stressful time. But as Hannes now has a long commute to and from work Julia is left alone most of the day and their relationship begins to fall apart.

Shot mostly in black and white with the opening and closing scenes in color this is certainly a well shot film with stark landscapes that suite the film’s content. It’s also well acted, shot in German with English subtitles though there’s little dialogue most of the emotion is convoyed by looks and body language of a most universal kind.

The problem is that the film is so relentlessly depressing I can’t imagine who would really like it. Funding for it was crowd sourced so obviously somebody found the plot appealing, I just can’t imagine there’s that many. But it is effective at conveying the character’s unhappiness, so it is successful at what it set out to do. If that sounds appealing to you then you’ll like the film.